Best five scholarships for Asian students in 2020  

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Struggling with the existing education system? Need a higher education?

You can apply for the asian scholarships 2020.

In fact, if you are looking for a scholarship in 2020, you are in the right place. The participation of Asian students and researchers in Asian American scholarships 2020 is remarkable in the present days.

The number of Asian students pursuing higher studies is on the rise. First of all, they get various types of facilities in foreign countries while the standard of higher education also matters most for them. Based on all the grounds, the search volume of phd scholarships for Asian students is high.

Therefore, if you feel your interest in getting the scholarships for college students, you may go through the remaining part of the post.

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## Fulbright Foreign Student Program in USA

It’s one of the leading scholarship programs in the USA. The US government funds for the program. and it is a suitable one for Masters or PhD candidates. Now, this is one of the asian scholarships 2020 for the deserving candidates.

Under this program, an applicant can pursue either the MA degree or to complete the PhD. The fund allows the young professionals from abroad to study in different courses and programs in several US universities and academic institutions.

Moreover, you can pursue your study of almost every field and even you can have the interdisciplinary ones as well. This program offers the fund to around 4000 candidates to continue their studies.

The award covers the tuition fees, living stipend, airfare, health insurance, cost of academic materials among others.


## Asian American Architects and Engineers Association Scholarship

If you are looking something flexible for your academic studies, you can apply for this Asian American scholarship.

This fund is available for college students and graduates. Interestingly, they can avail it till their last academic year. The award amount is USD 5,000.

There are certain criteria to have this scholarship. First of all, you are to be a full-time student. If you are part-timer, you are not eligible for the fund. Besides, you need to focus on major courses like engineering, architecture, urban design, construction management, among others.

Your average academic career needs to be standard.


## Asian American Women’s Alliance

Oftentimes, the females are seeking an opportunity to grow in their career. They need academic support and stipends to run their studies. But unfortunately, they lack the opportunities. But with the Asian American Women’s Alliance, the worries are gone now.

This program offers scholarships to Asian women who want to pursue their career after completing higher studies. This award is offered to four candidates and each of the candidates will get USD 500.

Application process is simple. If you have to apply to the authority following this link. And describe your academic career, aims and add a letter recommending you for the scholarship from your higher authority.


## Edinburgh Global Research Scholarships

At the University of Edinburgh, you can get the scholarship to complete your PhD Degree. If you are planning to study in the UK, this is the best option for you.

The university offers 30 scholarships for researchers around the world in any field. The scholarship is aimed for the international students who are in want of fund to complete their research and finally the PhD.

However, the scholarship covers most of the tuition fees and there are no options for other maintenance. And you can extend the scholarship tenure up to three years if you have satisfactory performance.

Remember, you only will be selected if you have a remarkable academic background.


## UEA International Development Scholarships for International Students

Another prestigious scholarship is the UEA scholarships. University of East Anglia is in the UK. Hence, you will have the option to study in the UK with this exclusive scholarship. The fund is awarded to the Masters students.

Luckily, this is a full-free scholarship to obtain the MA degree. School of International Development in the UEA university hosts the scholarship. So, you can study only courses related with International Development

Moreover, the course is intended for the international students and the number of grants is limited. If you want to apply for the grants, you need to meet some criteria provided by the authorities. You can have them here.

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