Erasmus Mundus Scholarship – facts and figures to know

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Are you a graduate and seeking an exclusive option to pursue your higher studies? Well, then Erasmus Mundus Scholarship is the most suitable one. This particular scholarship fund is from the European Union (EU).

Moreover, there are ample options of getting the scholarship. The authorities provide the scholarship to students from the EU nations. But if you are from non-EU nations, you can also apply for the funds for higher studies.

Before you apply for the scholarships, you have to attend an MA or doctoral program of Erasmus Mundus Joint Program.

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Where to apply?


To apply for the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship, you have to check if the institution is under the Erasmus Mundus Action Joint Programs. Usually, the authority has selected some of the European universities and they participate in the program.

You cannot apply at an institution that is not participating in the Erasmus program. So, it is wise to check if the university or institution is on the list.


What to study?


Erasmus Mundus Scholarship covers a wide range of fields for higher studies. There are over 100 courses to obtain an MA. If you are seeking option for doctoral studies, you can also have that. It offers over 25 joint doctorate courses as well.

The key courses include:

  • Engineering,
  • Science,
  • Mathematics
  • Arts and Humanities,
  • Agriculture
  • Veterinary,
  • Law
  • Manufacturing,
  • Construction,
  • Health and Welfare,
  • Computing,
  • Social Sciences,
  • Business studies, among others.


Who can apply?


Erasmus Mundus Scholarship comes with two categories. They are A and B.

In the A category, applicants from non-EU countries can apply for it. And in the B category, the applicants from the EU countries including Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland can apply.

Hence, regardless of your nation, you can apply for the scholarship. If you fit the criteria, you can have the fund to continue your higher studies.


What it covers?


Erasmus Mundus Scholarship covers a wide range of costs for the selected candidates. This is a full-time scholarship. The basic coverage includes a monthly allowance. The allowance is worth Euro 1000 (minimum) for each month, and the courses run for 24 months.

Besides, there are provisions from travelling, insurance, participation costs, among others. But the amount may vary in certain cases. The allowance will differ based on the courses you are studying, duration of the courses, and obviously your nationality.


Are you eligible?


Well, Erasmus Mundus Joint Program is different from the other usual scholarships. It has specific selection criteria. The consortium sets the parameters of applicant selection process and admission in the universities and institutions.


How to apply for the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship?

It’s a simple process. To get the scholarship, you have to follow the steps below.

  • Completing higher education or graduation before the deadline of the scholarship application ends. You have to prove that you are a graduate of your country and that is from a renowned institution.
  • Checking the criteria that if you are fit for the scholarship or not. If you obtained the grant earlier, do not apply this time. You will not get it.
  • Filling up the online application form. Besides, you need to upload the documents that will support your candidature. And most importantly, don’t miss the deadline of application submission. You can have more information here for the detailed application process.
  • Communicating with the institution about the admission procedure
  • Preparing necessary documents as advised by the institution and submitting the copies appropriately
  • Replying the queries or attending tests for the scholarship


Special note for the applicants

Remember, the number of grants is limited. And there is a serious competition in the selection. Only 24 grants are available annually. But in 2020, the number would be 20 only. Hence, if you cannot match yourself with the criteria, your chances to get the scholarship will slip without any notification.

Being a prestigious scholarship, Erasmus Mundus Scholarship has gained global fame. And the awardees also get respect everywhere around the world.

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