General info to study in Belarus for int’l students

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Study in Belarus is highly affordable, attractive, and convenient.

You may ask – why.

The reasons are simple. Belarus is an excellent place for higher study. It is the destination of a wide number of global students. Besides, the overall academic quality is also up to the mark.

Hence, students from abroad crowd in the country for their higher education.

At the same time, universities offer varied courses and subjects. There are options for scholarships, tuition fee waivers, standard accommodation, and more. For all such reasons, Belarus has become a hub for higher students

In this post, my readers will get some comprehensive ideas about the study in Belarus. They will come to know about the tuition fees, living in the country, and more. So, let’s get straight to the details below.

Reasons to Study in Belarus

Although there are numbers of other countries for higher study, Belarus is a bit special. A notable number of international students visit the country for higher studies. No matter if you are an undergraduate or postgraduate, you will have options.

Moreover, you will have some other options like learning the culture of the country. You can know the language and communicate with the people there.

Another impressive factor is that you will be safe in the country. Because of the cultural diversity, you will have the option to meet with people of a multicultural background. Also, you can see some of the modern architecture.

People in Belarus are friendly. So, it would not be a problem for you to find some people to make friendships. Instead, it would be easier to know the country, learn the culture, and lead a happy life. If you wanna know more about study in Belarus then can have look here.


Living cost

Interestingly, living in Belarus is not a big deal. When you are a student, you can have a cost-effective life in the country. Being a prime destination for higher studies, international students enjoy living here.

However, the living cost may vary based on your living location. If you have a lavish lifestyle, it may vary too.

The living costs include transportation, monthly transport pass, foods, utilities, internet bills, rent for accommodation, and more.

In this country, you can cut the cost, or can hike the cost as well. If you commute using private modes, the costs may go up. But if you use public transportation, the cost will go down.

Having foods outside may also increase the food cost. But if you cook at home, you can have an enjoyable meal at a reduced cost. Many of the international students do the same.



The international students have multiple options for accommodation. Either they can rent an apartment or can stay at the university accommodations.

When they will rent an apartment, they have to share it. Otherwise, this would not be possible to manage the cost. So, it would be cost-effective if they share the apartment with a couple of other students.

On the other part, if the students stay on their university campus, they can save their bucks too. It costs at least $15 to hire accommodation in the universities.

Tuition fees

Tuition fees in Belarus are reasonable. As an international student, you have to pay around USD 1,800. However, the course fees may vary based on the subject.

Remember, the amount mentioned above is for one year.

So, this is really affordable for international students to study in Belarus.

Language requirement

If you are not familiar with the local language, you may face difficulties. So, after your arrival, you have to enroll in any language learning center. If you are unable to communicate using the local language, you may not be allowed to continue to study.

Academic Calendar

Usually, in Belarus, the academic calendar is separated into two semesters in a year. The first semester begins from the early part of September and ends in late January.

The second semester begins in early February and ends in July.

However, the university students will get summer holidays and it lasts for around two months (July and August every year).

Obtaining a student visa to study in Belarus

Usually, there are two ways to obtain a student visa in Belarus. The first one is to get the visa at the airport. And the second one is obtaining a visa from your home country.

However, to get the visa at the airport, you have to provide the necessary documentation. The documents include the invitation from the university, passport, and other documents.

If everything is okay, the airport authorities will issue a student visa. But remember, this option is applicable to those who do not have any Embassy in their native country.

But if you want to get a visa from your home country, you are to follow the standard procedure. It may take up to two weeks to complete all the procedures.

Scholarships to study in Belarus

If you are unable to maintain your academic costs, you can apply for scholarships. The government of the country and some private bodies provide scholarships. You need to be eligible to apply for the programs.

But remember, the scholarships are competitive and need a solid academic background.

Hence, you must have an outstanding academic track to apply. Being a competitive process, you must show your excellence. Then, you can expect to avail of it.


Extracurricular activities

In line with academic studies, international students can participate in extracurricular activities. They can take part in language clubs, competitions. Even, there are concerts as well in universities. And those are for free for the students. So, they can participate there too.

On the other part, almost all the universities have sports facilities. Hence, you can take part in your favorite sports.

Okay. This was all for today. Will be back with some other topic, shortly.

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