How to improve writing skills – 5 simple hacks


So, you want to write, right? Or, planning to improve writing skills?

Well, everyone wants the same. But at times, this is tough. There are numerous reasons. You will feel the challenges when it is about academic writing. Besides, many of the people struggle even to write a grant application for higher studies.

Not to worry.

You will have a complete guideline in this post. In fact, this post is about ways to improve your writing skill. If you want to deliver some quality words to your audience, the guidelines will help you much.

So, let’s check them below.

But before we move to the core of this topic, we should get some idea about writing skills.

What are writing skills?

In a nutshell, this is a special capacity to write something flawlessly. Also, the writing will hold the attention of the intended audiences.

The write-ups should not have any flaws. It must contain words that can enchant and captivate the readers magically. Moreover, the texts should be smarter, filled with clear messages to communicate effectively with the readers.

But most of the people, especially students, lack this skill. They need a massive overhauling in their writing faculty.

In brief, the skill include the following features:

  • Clear message  
  • No fillers   
  • Objectivity 
  • Focus
  • Applying writing styles
  • Excellent vocabulary 
  • No grammar errors 


The hacks

Read more

The very first thing is that you need to read. Read as much as you can. In fact, the more you read, the more you will gain knowledge. At the same time, you can know about different styles. After a thorough reading, you can develop your own style.

Moreover, reading also helps to know about any specific topic or issue. By reading the topics, you can know more. Your level of knowledge becomes enriched. You will have more research-based information. Ultimately, your writing will get a natural boost.

However, if you want to write without reading, your outcome will be poor. Because you have less idea about the topic. You actually do not have in-depth research. Naturally, your writing will be poor.

[Before composing this article for my readers, I had to check a good number of resources and websites to gather ideas. Other than reading, it was not possible for me to end this topic skillfully.]

Attend writing courses

Moreover, you can also attend some writing courses. The courses will offer the best writing hacks. Usually, professional writers participate as mentors in such courses. So, when you get in their touch, you learn newer things.

Writing courses are enriched with a number of tricks, tips, and exercises. When you practice any specific task, it increases your writing skill. And a regular practice removes the usual flaws from your write-ups.

Know the audience

On the other part, you must know about the audience of your texts. You may write an email or a message. Or, you may write a 10,000-word essay on environmental pollution. Everything will be effective if you know your audience.

But most of the cases, we do not care about the audiences. We do not know for whom we are weaving the words. Or, who is to get the message from our writing.

Remember, not everyone is going to read your words, or waiting for your message. Only those, who are concerned about the matter, will read the texts. So, you need to set your specific style, adjust the set of words, and a decent language tone. Everything will make sense to your audience.

Set your writing target

Also, you need to set your target.

You want to write. The aim is to hold the attention of the intended audience. But if you do not have any specific writing target, you cannot reach the goal.

Getting confused? Well, let me explain further.

You need to have a daily writing target. For instance, you must write at least 300 words a day on different topics. It should be freehand writing. The outcome is excellent. It could be your regular writing practice. And at the end of a month, you will be used to the target. And can have a satisfactory writing skill.

After a month, you can increase your writing length [you may raise it to 500 words a day]. And gradually, you will start to bloom. This is the most favorite way to excel in writing.

Fix your structure

You know what – most of the people write without any plan. They do not follow any specific structure. Finally, their writings go down the mark. But with a complete structure, you can make your texts more effective.

No matter, if you write a petty application to your boss or apply for a journal publication. You must follow a writing pattern.

Make sure you have an introduction to the text. This section should contain the introductory messages. Next, there should be a body. You can break down the body into separate parts. And these sections should explain the key message.

And finally, there should be an ending. In this phase, come to a conclusion. Express your thoughts, explain a potential solution. Or you can also ask your readers to conclude.

A bonus tip

Last but not the least, you need to check your writings. You may need to use any professional tool like Grammarly to conduct the checks. Using such tools, you will get rid of the usual grammar errors, the issues of plagiarism, and more.

Also, you need to remain careful about using filler words. They only fill the gaps but do not make any sense to the readers. If you can skip them from your everyday writing, you can surely win the heart of your readers.

Last words

Now, I think you know how to improve your writing skills. In fact, this is an extensive issue to discuss. And not possible to explain every aspect in a single article. So, I have been planning to make another post over the same issue.

However, if you want to improve your reading skills, click here.

Stay tuned with to know more information on higher studies, scholarships, grants, IELTS, etc. in countries like the USA, the UK, Germany.

Will meet you shortly with another post. Until then, taking leave from you.

Happy writing!

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