Improve Your English Reading Skills in Simple Five Ways

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Reading English is always tough, isn’t it?

Have you ever wondered why you stumble in English? What are the key reasons to lag behind in this language?

Or, did you ever lost in hundreds of words but cannot select the right one express thoughts?

If the answers are in affirmative, you are in the right tab.

The mainstream students are in trouble with the reading issues. Especially it is about English.

They do not know how to read or pronounce any specific word(s). And finally, they slip from the track of success. Besides, the communication skills also start showing a downtrend. Consequently, they find a blocked way towards success in real-life.

Like the other aspects of life, reading is about practice. The more you practice, the more you honk your skills.

In this post, you will get five excellent tips to sharpen your English reading skills. So, let’s start knowing the processes.


Know your skills

The very first thing is that you are to know your reading skills. Don’t worry if you stumble in the middle of the road. Rather, you have to assess the skill. Before starting the treatment, you must identify where your lacking is.

But to do this, you need to have some exceptional reading. Check the meaning of your text. Make sure you understand all the words you read. Also, you can regularly check your emails, text messages, and others to assess your English reading skills.

Once you figure out the lacking in your English reading, you can plan for the improvement. Try to read an English newspaper every day. It will also help to assess your skills.

Check the headlines, and body content. Feeling something special? Or, you can also go through the opinion and feature page. The pages will provide you a clear idea about contemporary happenings. Thus, you can assess your reading skills, and know the world.


Read aloud

The mainstream students are less familiar with this particular issue. Either they do not know or they are not interested in reading aloud.

But there is an extensive number of benefits when you read aloud.

The first benefit is that it will clear your pronunciation. When you read aloud, you will hear the sound. And if that is not correct, you can check the sound or the way the word is pronounced. Besides, there are a number of tools to find out the exact sound of the word you pronounce.

Thereby, you must start reading aloud from today. Also, it will bring your fluency in the reading of this global language.

A simple test:

Read this article aloud. Check how you pronounce each of the words here. If you find any dissimilarity, instantly try to check that from the internet.


Raise your vocabulary

Of course, there is no alternative to vocabulary. With an enriched vocabulary, you will have more scopes of improvement.

The factor is simple. When you read a word, you know its meaning, how it originated, or how it is pronounced. So, if your vocabulary is wide, you will know a good number of words than ordinary people. Consequently, you will have a sea of words in your brain.

On the other part, you would be able to quickly interpret the meaning of words. You can identify the differences between words, spellings, and meanings.

But people with a poor vocabulary are unable to have this benefit.


Set a time, goals

Also, you need to set time and goals for reading. If you have a goal, you must reach there. For instance, you can set at least 20 minutes a day. If you have additional moments, you can increase the time. But do it for 20 minutes. And at least five days a week.

Set the goal that you will read around five pages. Never skip this goal. Try to form it into your habit. At the end of the week, you will complete around 100 pages. Isn’t that great?


Get notes, quotes

At the same time, you must take note of the unfamiliar words. However, it is tough for many to remember the notes. What is the solution to remember the notes?

If you get some quotes, you are free of this problem.

How – let me explain. When you check a quote, your brain remembers the fact subconsciously. In a nutshell, the words get inside your brain for a lifetime. So, you will never forget the quote.

Interestingly, the quote will take you back to the note that you made. With the line of your thoughts, you will visualize the note. Instantly, it will arrive before your eyes. In this way, you can remember all the important aspects when you read something.


Bonus tip  

Summarize your reading

Another impressive way is to summarize what you just have read. If you make a daily summary, you will remember all the information. Checking the summary will remind you what you read, how you pronounced the word. Moreover, you will also know what the meaning of the word was.

To make the summary, you can use graphical images or short information. Simply note them down. Keep them in a secured position like inside the reading table drawer.

In fact, this is a smart way to remember what you read. And the continuation of the process will help you overcome the challenges of reading.

So, now my readers know how to improve their English reading skills.

This is all for today. Hope to meet you shortly with any other topic to discuss. Stay tuned with You can also check this article on IELTS in this site to enhance your reading skills.

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