How to Get Part-Time Jobs in Japan for Int’l Students

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Japan is one of the most prominent lands for higher study. A notable number of students around the world crowd here. But not all of them secure scholarships. There are online jobs in Japan which allow the students to bear their costs. Besides, the seasonal jobs like summer jobs Japan also play a key role.

There are different types of part-time jobs available in Japan. You can get some extra income through the part time job Japanese translation or part time jobs in Japanese restaurants. So, getting some idea about how to get a part-time job in Japan will help the potential candidates. The issues are explained here in brief.

How to get a part-time job in Japan

Around 75 percent of international students are getting part-time jobs in Japan. They need the jobs of free ads Japan for their survival in the country. Besides, the average salary in Japan for foreigners is moderate. So, this is not a big deal for them to find a job.

However, they need to follow specific procedures to find the right job. You can find more info here.

A special permission for part-time job in Japan

First of all, as an international student, you are to get special permission to have a job. Generally, international students are not allowed to work in Japan. They are in the country to pursue higher education. Getting into a job will hamper their study.

So, if you wish to have part time jobs in Japanese restaurant, get permission. The regional immigration bureau will issue permission.

Attach documents

Besides, to get the job permission, an applicant is to attach some documents. The documents will explain and back their needs for the jobs. The documents include

–         Application form

–         Employment plans

–         Residence card

–         Passport copy

–         Applicant’s identity confirmation documents

Fixing the job hours

At the same time, the applicants need to adjust their job hours. Since they are not the full-timers, there should be a working hour limit. The general part-time working hour for a student is 28 hours in a week. Crossing the limit may result in legal troubles for the applicants.

Moreover, there should be flexibility for the students. When you are working part-time or online jobs in Japan, be flexible. The part time job Japanese translation does better in this regard.

Types of jobs

There is a wide number of part-time jobs available in Japan. The most notable ones are mentioned here.

–         Service staff

–         School teacher

–         Language trainer

–         Online jobs

–         Home tuition

–         Call center agent

–         Marketing staff

–         Event staff

–          Super shop staff

–         Restaurant staff

–          Café staff

–         Testing staff

–         Contractual porter

–         Teaching assistant

–         Any suitable other jobs

Remember, all the online jobs in Japan pay a moderate number of yens to the students. Alongside their academic expenses, they can meet some different needs. The scholarships cover almost all the costs.

But in case of missing the chance of scholarships, they need to get engaged in the jobs. And this is a good idea to shine their career.

To know more about study in Japan, you can follow this link. The resources here will provide a brief idea. You can also share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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