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Higher study in universities in Australia has certain benefits for students. There are ample options in universities in Australia for international students. Many of the students study in Australia for free or with limited costs. It happens as the postgraduate study in Australia for international students is more comfortable.

Besides, obtaining Australia study visa is more natural. The options of study in universities like Swinburne University of technology Hawthorn is better. The involvement of technology in higher education makes it a heaven for higher study. Even the quality of education in Australia is admired everywhere. To know more about higher study in Australia, check this link.

There are different programs for local and international students. You can have the cheapest Masters degree in Australia or even 1 year Masters programs in Australia too. So, based on your needs and necessities, you can get one of them. But before you move, go through the following texts. They will help you get some better ideas.

Why Australia?

The general view of Australia as a country is different. The country is blessed with natural elements, clean environment, wide spacious roads, and more. The living condition in the country is up to the mark too. The number of universities and educational institutions is ample. So, the local and international students crowd in the universities in Australia for higher education.

Moreover, the people in Australia are friendly. The universities in Australia for international students provide them with different facilities. Language is no barrier here. Most of the people speak English while there are some other common languages prevail too. The country also provides some additional features. They are explained below.

Cultural diversity

A large number of global people come to study universities in Australia. The postgraduate study in Australia for international students is remarkable. So, the number of individuals seeking higher education in Australia is on the rise. As a result, the international students are to socialize with numbers of people. It helps them to experience the cultural diversity.

Top-class education

The universities and academic institutions have top-class features. They come with the latest technologies and tools for learning. In fact, the addition of technology in higher education makes the process easier. The classrooms are well equipped with the latest technological devices. The implementation of electronic means makes education more comfortable.


Besides, the prospect of living in the country is bright. Many of the students have plans to settle in the country. So, when they study here, they could know the factors more than anyone else. So, when you study in Australia for free, you can avail the chances. A notable number of the students follow this process to settle in the country.

Globally recognized degree

At the same time, the universities in Australia provide some of the best degrees. The degrees are globally recognized and could be used anywhere in the world. No matter, if you are a student of any specific sector, you can have the degrees with fewer efforts. The degrees are well recognized and evaluated as well.

International Students in Australia

The number of international students in Australia is on the rise. Each year, the number of students surpass the preceding year. The universities in Australia can accommodate a notable number of Students. Higher education in Australia for international students is simple and better. The students also can get Australia study visa quickly. Hence, there is almost no bar on them to get the cheapest Masters degree in Australia.

Statistics show that back in 2017, over 0.7 million international students enrolled in the country. A considerable chunk of them applied for their postgraduate degrees. Many of the students focus on the language courses and vocational education.

The international students also get some specific benefits. Those are explained here.

Diversified programs

The first and most important issue in universities in Australia is the wide courses. Postgraduate study in Australia for international students is trouble-free. Amid hundreds of programs and courses, they can select the best one. In some other countries, there are bars on students in course selection.

The students cannot select the courses if they do not have the background of a similar course. And it causes trouble for them. But higher education in Australia is free of such barriers.

Reasonable living costs

Besides, the living costs in Australia for international students is moderate. The country is a developed one, but the costs are not that much high. If we focus on other countries, we will see a hike in the everyday expenses. This becomes a barrier on international students. So, they need to focus on jobs and other wage-earning activities.

However, the scenario is different here. Of course, the students can have jobs in the break of their studies. But they will not have to bear the excessive pressure for meeting their costs.


Besides, if you want to have study in Australia for free, scholarships are there. The scholarships will cover the majority of the costs, including your tuition fees, living costs, expenses for academic materials, and more. There are some grants which do not cover all the expenses. They might provide tuition fees alone.

So, as an international student, you can apply for the right scholarship. Both the public and private organizations have the provision of scholarships. Besides, the government also has some other financial arrangements for the students in the country.

Higher study costs in Australia

The average cost to study in universities in Australia is around 20,000 AUD. However, the cost might get an increase or decrease based on the location, course selection, and institution. Besides, the costs may fluctuate depending on the courses you take in a semester. The costs for a full-time study will be more than part-time.

But when you are a domestic student, your cost might be more than the international students. The average cost for a year is around 30,000 AUD. The system of charging the fees is based on the courses or units. If you take less units, your expenses will be less. At the same time, there would an increase in your academic year.

The course that you could have completed in a year might get an extension of six months more. As a result, you will lag in the career race. Generally, there are two semesters in a year, but you can have three too under certain circumstances.

Scholarships and fellowships

As it is said earlier, universities in Australia for international students have different options. The scholarships help to reduce the education costs for international students. The students need to apply for the fellowship following the deadlines. Missing the deadline will result in the rejection of the grants. Some of the best scholarships in Australia are noted here.

There are two types of scholarships available in the country. One is funded by the government while the rests are private. So, before you apply, make sure you are well aware of the grant programs.

Australia Awards Scholarships

This is a government scholarship program in Australia. Earlier, it was known as the Australian Development Scholarships. The foreign affairs department administers the grant. Under the scholarship, the students will get a complete package of their costs. They will have the tuition fee, living cost and even airfare too.

Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarship Awards

This grant program is for the postgraduates. The program provides complete financial service and support to the awardees. The scholarship also covers tuition fees, monthly stipend, travel expenses, and more. To get the award, the applicants have to prove their worth. Without a solid background and academic record, they cannot apply here.

International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS)

If you are a researcher and want to complete research with an external fund, this is the best one. The IPRS is suitable for researchers around the world. The program allows the students to complete a Masters for two years. Or, the students can complete a three-year doctorate. It depends on the students’ capacity.

International Research Scholarships

The University of Sydney offers the program. And the eligible candidates are those seeking postgraduate options. Basically, the grant is suitable for postdoctoral research. Or if you want to have a study, you can apply for it. The duration of the scholarship program is extensive. The successful applicants will get three years of benefits.

The program will cover their tuition fees, living cost in Australia and others. So, this is a lucrative option. But remember, only the hard workers are eligible for this program. You must have a successful academic track to be eligible for applying in this program.

Accommodation and Living in Australia

To get the higher study in universities in Australia, you need to live there. So, there should be costs associated with your living. Nothing to worry here. The living costs in Australia is reasonable.

In average, the international students have to spend around 20,000 AUD per annum. But the living cost may get an increase if you plan to live in the city centers. Selecting a remote location may relief you to some extent.

In other parts, some of the universities in Australia have their dormitories for the students. You can also plan to live there. It is an economical way to complete your studies in the country. But if you can manage a scholarship, you will get rid of the expenses.

Work in Australia

Working in Australia is not a big deal. An international student can make some extra money with part-time efforts. When you are for postgraduate study in Australia for international students, you can work there. But the work must be on some limited scale. And it needs a detail discussion with the employer in Australia.

The working option could be a prospect for you too. Planning for your career would be smooth. Gaining some experience is the other benefit. When people will start their career from zero, you will have a notable years of experience. So, this is an excellent benefit for international students who want to work in Australia.

The potential scopes of work are

–         Office assistant

–         Sales assistant

–         Assistant in departmental store

–         Bar

–         Coffee shop assistant

–         Assistant is a supermarket

–         Call center

–         Technological employee

–         Refueling agent

–         Part-time receptionist

–         Selling handmade products

–         And more.


Visa Process for Higher Study in Australia

To study in universities in Australia, you need a student visa. Higher education in Australia for international students is more accessible as Australia study visa is easy to gain. So, you need to follow a particular procedure to get the student visa. Those are explained below.

Apply to an institution

The first thing is that you have to apply to any academic institution. After getting a course, you can apply for the visa. Unless you have the course, you cannot expect to get the student visa. Remember, the enrollment with any university will support you to get the visa. The visa selection committee needs some documents. And the enrollment documents will play the lead role here.

Apply for the visa

The visa application process is not complicated. You can apply for the visa electronically. Use this link to get some comprehensive ideas about the process. Follow the procedures and submit the required documents. Pay the visa processing fee.

Attend the interview

In this phase, the Australian visa authority will ask you for an interview. You must attend there. Remember, you must be formal in attire and speech. You can keep visiting this link to know more about the student visa process in different other countries.

The documents

There are some documents which are a must. A list of such documents is below. they will help you get admission for higher study in universities in Australia

–         Birth certificate

–         Passport

–         Recent photos

–         Academic certificates

–         Bank solvency statement

–         IELTS or any other English language certification test copy

–         University enrollment copy

–         Others


List of Universities for higher study in Australia

Source: Wikipedia.

–         Australian Catholic University

–         Australian National University

–         Bond University

–         Carnegie Mellon University (Australia campus)

–         Central Queensland University

–         Charles Darwin University

–         Charles Sturt University

–         Curtin University

–         Deakin University

–         Edith Cowan University

–         Federation University Australia

–         Flinders University

–         Griffith University

–         James Cook University

–         La Trobe University

–         Macquarie University

–         Monash University

–         Murdoch University

–         Queensland University of Technology

–         Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

–         Southern Cross University

–         Swinburne University of Technology

–         Torrens University Australia

–         University of Adelaide

–         The University of Canberra

–         The University of Divinity

–         University of Melbourne

–         University of New England

–         University of New South Wales

–         The University of Newcastle

–         The University of Notre Dame Australia

–         University of Queensland

–         University of South Australia

–         University of Southern Queensland

–         University of the Sunshine Coast

–         University of Sydney

–         University of Tasmania

–         University of Technology Sydney[6]

–         The University of Western Australia

–         University of Wollongong

–         Western Sydney University

–         Victoria University


Courses for Higher Study in Australia

–         Agriculture

–         Accounting

–         Environmental and Related Studies

–         Architecture & Building

–         Business and Management

–         Communications

–         Computing and Information Technology

–         Creative Arts

–         Dentistry & Dental studies

–         Economics

–         Engineering & Technology

–         English Language for Overseas Students

–         Health Services & Rehabilitation

–         High School Studies

–         Hospitality, Tourism & Personal Services

–         Humanities & Social Sciences

–         Languages

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