Higher study in Japan – how to get a scholarship

Kyoto University in Japan

Of course, study in Japan is a matter of expense. The entire country is expensive. But if you have the scholarships for study abroad in Japan, you can get rid of the expenses. Many of the international students are studying in Japan with no or less expenses. But before you apply for scholarships, get the Japanese universities ranking. There are certain other scholarships which provide ample option for the students. Hence, if you want to get scholarships for Japanese students, you are to go through the texts below.

They will guide you to know the process of how to apply for Japanese government scholarship. Besides, you can also have the knowledge for the other scholarships as well. If you want to know more about the scholarships of other countries, click here.

Finding the scholarship

First of all, you have to find the suitable scholarship for you. The grants are awarded based on your academic skills, achievement and other issues. A scholarship selection committee finds the best candidate considering the selection criteria. Hence, you are to find the one that matches you most. To know about the scholarships for Japanese students, check this link.

Know the awards

Besides, you have to know about the awards of the scholarship. Make sure you know what the grant covers. Some of the grants cover only the tuition fees. You have to compensate the other costs. Moreover, there are scholarships which cover almost all the expenses during your stay in Japan. Thereby, the best idea is to know about the awards. The Japanese Foreign Ministry plays a key role here.

Apply for the program

Once you get the Japanese universities ranking and the grant, apply for it. The application process is simple. As everything is digitized, you have to apply through online. Make sure you fill all the portions perfectly. An incomplete application form may decrease your chance of getting the grant.

Add a motivation letter

Besides, to make your candidature stronger, you can add a motivation letter. In the letter, you have to describe why you selected the course and why you need the scholarship. A successful motivation letter increases the chances of getting the scholarship. You can check the sample of motivation letter here.

Attend the test

Almost all the grant programs want the candidates to appear in tests. You would be no exception. Event the MEXT scholarship university recommendation also follows the process. Considering the ground, you have to attend the test. Ensure you provide the best answer from your level. Upon the test result, the selection committee will prefer you or discard you.

Get university recommendation

On the other part, you have to get a university recommendation in favor of your scholarship. Unless the university recommends you, it would be tough to convince the selection committee. So, try to create a network with the university faculties or authorities. In the end, it will help you get the recommendation for scholarships for study abroad in Japan.

Language skills

At the same time, you have to get some language skills. Without knowing the Japanese language, this is not possible to communicate in the country. Of course, the English language will help you but you need to know Japanese. When you are out of home for shopping or for other purposes, you have to be one of them. And for that, you must speak Japanese. They prefer people who can speak a fluent Japanese language. Besides, you may need to prove your language skill at the Japanese embassy as well.

So, when all the things are complete, you can expect to have the scholarship in Japan. Now, you know how to apply for Japanese government scholarship. Apply accordingly and make your dream come true.

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