Top 4 scholarships for higher education in Greece

Greece is the birthplace of modern philosophy. And higher education in Greece has been a part and parcel of the country since a long ago.

The country has an enriched culture. Mediterranean climate. Language. And socio-cultural systems. All these elements attract the attention of global students. So, a notable number of local and international students pursue higher education in the country.

In fact, Greece is the home of several influential scholars and philosophers. Aristotle, Plato, and Socrates – are the most notable ones. Besides, the landscape of Greece is highly inspiring.

So, a large number of students want to get the opportunity for their higher studies.

However, it needs to invest a moderate amount of money for higher education in Greece. But if you are unable to bear the cost, no worries. There are several scholarships. So, you can avail of one of those that suit you most.

In this post, you will get some brief ideas about the scholarships. Let’s start the exploration.


ALBA Graduate Business School Scholarship

Have you completed your bachelor’s and want to pursue an MA degree in business discipline? Well, then this is the right scholarship for you. The ALBA Graduate Business School Scholarship provides scholarships for MA in Human Resource Management.

You will have half of the amount of your total tuition fee.

But to apply for the grants, you must have a bachelor’s in the respective subjects. Your academic record should be up to the mark. Also, you must have a specific score on GMAT.

However, the scholarship is highly competitive. Only two international students get grants every year.

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

If you want to pursue higher education in other disciplines, you can do that too. The National and Kapodistrian University offers around six scholarships. The fields include History and Archaeology.

The successful applicants receive a single amount of EUR 10,000.

Using the fund, the students can meet almost all their necessary expenses.

However, the stipend is only for the students without Greek nationality. Besides, they must have an outstanding academic score.

Aristotle University Scholarships

Another prestigious scholarship in Greece. The scholarship is for the students who are not Greek nationals. They can avail of the scholarship for their undergraduate and postgraduates.

At the same time, foreign nationals can apply for short-time researches. The duration of these short-time researches is around three months.

Fulbright Scholarship Program

Under the Fulbright Scholarship Program, you will have ample opportunities. If you want to study or conduct research, you can pursue it.

Besides, Fulbright provides financial support to the applicants before and after the terms.

You will get options to pursue higher studies in Greece in different subjects. The subjects and courses include business, science, technology, humanities, media, among others.

Admission for higher education in Greece

So, you are now aware of the scholarships in Greece. Let’s now discuss the admission process and other formalities.

If you want to get higher education in Greece, you need admission first.

Do you know the subjects to study in Greece? The most common subjects include:

  • Business studies discipline
  • Social science
  • Humanities
  • Engineering

Basic requirements of admission

The admission requirements are different based on your level of studies. If you want to study a bachelor’s, the criteria will be not similar to the ones for a Master’s degree.

For bachelor’s, you need to fulfill the following basic criteria.

  • Secondary school certificate
  • A minimum CGPA
  • TOEFL/ ILETS certificate
  • Greek language certification

On the contrary, if you want to pursue a Master’s in Greece, the criteria are as following:

  • A bachelor’s degree
  • Working experience of at least 2 years
  • TOEFL/ IELTS certificate

However, the criteria may vary to institutions.

Greece temple

Application process

When you meet all the requirements, you have to apply. The application process is almost identical everywhere.

The very first thing is to submit the application form. As you are an international student, you can submit it electronically. But remember, the application submission should be through the centralized system.

Necessary documents

At the same time, you have to send the necessary documents with the application. They include:

  • Properly filled application form
  • Photocopy of your certificates
  • CGPA transcripts
  • Photo ID photocopy
  • Copy of graduation certificates (with a Greek translation, and for students who want to pursue a Master’s degree)
  • Passport photocopy
  • Document of application fee
  • Language certification
  • Any other document required by the authority


So, this was all for today for higher education in Greece. Will be back shortly with any other topic, soon.

Keep browsing to know more about scholarships in other countries. The countries include Germany, the USA, and the UK. Also, you will get information on higher studies in different countries.

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