PhD in Differential Equation at Technical University of Berlin, Germany

Technische Universität Berlin 6 Semesters
Germany Full Time
Doctorate Onsite

The main goal of DAEDALUS is the analysis of the interplay between the incorporation of data and differential equation-based modeling, which is one of the key problems in model-based research of the 21st century. DAEDALUS focuses both on theoretical insights and on applications in life sciences (brain-computer interfaces and biochemistry) as well as in fluid dynamics.

The projects cover a scientific range from machine learning, the mathematical theory of model reduction, and uncertainty quantification to respective applications in turbulence theory and the simulation of complex nonlinear flows as well as of molecular dynamics in chemical and biological systems.

DAEDALUS is a collaboration of Technische Universität Berlin, Freie Universität Berlin, and Otto von Guericke Universität Magdeburg. Our RTG team is highly interdisciplinary, and it includes computer scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and physicists. The focus is on two main areas:

1. Life sciences, which typically rely heavily on real-world data

2. fluid dynamics, where traditionally DE-based modeling plays a major role

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Course Details:

The cohort will be trained in the necessary mathematical techniques such as data assimilation, machine learning, mathematical modelling, model reduction, sparse/low-rank methods, and uncertainty quantification. This will be achieved by an Introductory Intensive Course Period, advanced training components, and annual winter schools.

Each Ph.D. student will learn to communicate and collaborate in an interdisciplinary team. This training will begin in the Interdisciplinary Welcome Week and continue with the interdisciplinary PI team heading each project and special events such as research retreats.

The range of projects will provide a multitude of viewpoints on the interplay between incorporation of data and DE-based modeling, thereby contributing to developing a deep understanding of the optimal balance between data and models and attacking the challenge of the optimal degree of data-adaptiveness in the modeling process from different angles.

The research experience of the Ph.D. students will be rounded off by international interaction and various activities in the rich Berlin scientific landscape. Consequently, our RTG will educate a new generation of interdisciplinary researchers who are highly trained in data science as well as more traditional mathematical modeling and simulation.

Enrollment Requirements:

Master’s degree (or equivalent) in mathematics, physics, engineering, computer sciences or a related field

Teaching Language:


Costs/Tuition Fees:

Free of Cost

Level/Field(s) of Study:


Language Requirements:

Applicants must provide proof of their English skills.

About the University/Institution:

The Technical University of Berlin (official name both in English and German: Technische Universität Berlin, also known as TU Berlin and Berlin Institute of Technology) is a research university located in Berlin, Germany. It was the first German university to adopt the name “Technische Universität” (Technical University).

The university alumni and professor list include several US National Academies members, two National Medal of Science laureates, and seven Nobel Prize winners.


Application Deadline:

Calls for application are announced on our website.

Apply/Website Link:


Submit application toTechnische Universität Berlin Institut für Mathematik RTG DAEDALUS Sekr. MA 5-4 Strasse des 17. Juni 136 10623 Berlin Germany

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