Five best MA scholarships for women in Germany

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Women are not lagging in the race of higher studies. The option of scholarship in Germany for undergraduate is always available. But when you are pursuing an MA degree, you need to be picky. You can also seek MA scholarships for women in Germany.

The scope is not limited for women and there are ample options too. The Masters scholarship in Germany for international students 2020 has opened a wide space for them. Any of the women from around the world can apply for those scholarships.

In this post, I have explained five of the best scholarships in Germany for international students. The grants are mostly focused on women. Hence, this could be a potential resource for them.

Let’s dive into the scholarships.


The DAAD Scholarships

Annually, over 100,000 students receive these scholarships for their higher studies. The DAAD or German Academic Exchange Service provides grants to students of different levels. So, if you are an MA student, you can opt for it.

It funds for varied types of costs and expenses of the awardees. And the payment is a monthly basis. You can have a scholarship for your MA degree, and participants from industrial countries get the priority here.

Before the application, you have to go through all the specifications from the application portal. A special selection committee will check the applications. So, you have to be careful here. Make sure you fill in the form properly and provide all the necessary and accurate information.

You can find more here about the DAAD scholarships.


The Deutschlandstipendium

This is the other government scholarship for different types of applicants. If you are a woman and want to pursue your higher study, especially the MA degree, this is the right one for you. Under the scholarship, a student will get EUR 300 in a month.

The students will also have some other options under the scholarship which also have monetary values. They can participate in various programs and events and even internships under this program.

The selection of the applicants is not simple. You have to meet the requirements of the grant providing authority. And you can receive the funds for at least two semesters.


The Friedrich Ebert Stiftung

If you want higher funding, you can apply for The Friedrich Ebert Stiftung scholarship in Germany. You can have around 1,000 EUR in a month to continue your studies.

However, you need to have or maintain a higher academic degree. And you must show your interest in civil responsibilities. In fact, you must have some sort of political or social activities that will help the authority to select you as a potential candidate.

The scholarship is suitable for women as it covers academic fees, insurance, study materials, among others. So, you can apply here to pursue your MA degree in any subject.


Heinrich Böll Foundation

Heinrich Böll Foundation is another private scholarship that supports numbers of students for higher studies. The funds are available for both the German and non-German nationals.

Though the scholarship is available for all ranges of students, this is most suitable for the STEM courses. The STEM courses refer to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Hence, if you are studying any of those subjects, you have a wide chance of having the grant.

But, if you are a student of other than the STEM courses, you can also apply for it. The courses include journalism, degrees in arts and other legal studies.


Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) Scholarships

If you are planning for your MA or PhD, you must apply for the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) Scholarships. This is a one-year program and you need to have German language skills to apply here.

Besides, the applicants must be under a certain age limit. The selection authority wants it as 30 years.

Well, these were the scholarships in germany for international students. Engineering scholarships in Germany is also available but I will discuss it in another post. Pursue your master’s scholarships in Germany.

Don’t forget to drop your comments in the comment box below. And to know more about scholarships or higher study in Germany, you can read this article.

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