Bachelor of Science (BSc) in International Business at Fulda University of Applied Sciences

Fulda University of Applied Sciences 7 Semesters
Germany Full Time
Bachelor's Onsite

This program is meant for high school graduates who want to lay the right foundations for an international career by:

  1. obtaining in-depth knowledge of the most important disciplines,
  2. of business administration,
  3. specializing in management,
  4. studying exclusively in English, and
  5. developing skills in a second language.

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Course Details:


  1. The program is exclusively taught in English. Dedicated courses allow you to improve your English language skills.
  2. You will also acquire basic, business-oriented skills in an additional language. You have a choice between French, Spanish, and – if you are not a German native-speaker – German.
  3. The first four semesters will introduce you to the most important disciplines of business administration and economics. They also include all the language modules.
  4. During semester five, you will gain experience abroad. You are welcome to study at one of our partner universities or at a university of your choice. Alternatively, you will have the opportunity to do an internship in a foreign country.
  5. Back in Germany, the program focuses on the specialization in management, including a comprehensive case study, in which you will work on innovative projects. This experience, together with a business simulation, will provide a unique set of challenges to help you to develop holistic managerial skills.
  6. The program concludes with a Bachelor’s thesis.


Enrollment Requirements:

University entrance qualification (Hochschulzugangsberechtigung, HZB) for German universities

Teaching Language:


Costs/Tuition Fees:

Free of Cost

Level/Field(s) of Study:

Bachelor of Science

Language Requirements:

English language skills at level B2

About the University/Institution:

Fulda University of Applied Sciences is a practice-oriented university with an international profile and a strong focus on applied research. Fulda University is the first university of applied sciences in Germany with the independent right to confer the doctorate.

Founded in 1974, the university currently encompasses eight departments with 65 study programs, approx. 10,000 students, and 1,300 international students from more than 100 countries. The university staff includes 170 professors as well as approx. 550 academic and administrative employees. The university offers a broad spectrum of academic and professional education with a special focus on “health, nutrition, and food”.

Numerous research and development projects are undertaken in cooperation with private business and industry. Fulda University cooperates with more than 100 universities around the world. The number of international programs is growing continuously, including “International Management”, “Intercultural Communication and European Studies”, “International Food Business and Consumer Studies”, “Sustainable Food Systems”, “Global Software Development” and “Human Rights in Politics, Law, and Society”.

These Master’s programs are partly or entirely taught in English. At the Bachelor’s level, we offer actually three international Bachelor’s programs, one in “Science & Engineering” another in “International Health” and a third in International Business & Management.

Application Deadline:

15 May (if a visa is required), 15 July (German & EU applicants)

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