Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Social Sciences at University of Stuttgart

University of Stuttgart 6 Semesters
Germany Full Time
Bachelor's Onsite

At the Institute of Social Sciences of the University of Stuttgart, coursework focuses on the integration of political science, sociology, and empirical social and political analysis.

At Sciences Po Bordeaux, the focus is on political science, economics, law, and the acquisition of “culture générale” (which includes language skills and history).

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Course Details:

The Bachelor’s study program takes six semesters (three years). The first year and the third year of study take place in Bordeaux, and the second year tales place in Stuttgart.
This is a joint degree program.

Integrated internships:

Four weeks internship before the final Bachelor’s examination is recommended. Program advisers will assist students in finding an appropriate internship.


Enrollment Requirements:

Please enquire at the university.

Teaching Language:

English, French, German

Costs/Tuition Fees:

1,500 EUR

Level/Field(s) of Study:

Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences

Language Requirements:

German applicants must provide proof of their French skills: results of French courses at school, French skills acquired in language courses, etc., and personal interview.
International applicants must additionally provide proof of their German skills.

About the University/Institution:

The University of Stuttgart is one of the leading technically oriented universities in Germany with global significance. Located centrally in an economically strong region with vast cultural integration, the university sees itself as a hub of university-based, extramural and industrial research. Furthermore, it takes a role as a leader in research-based teaching, focused on quality and holism. The university is dedicated to researching and strengthening the interfaces between technology, society, and culture in an interdisciplinary manner, defined as the “Stuttgart Way”. This means the integration of engineering, natural sciences, humanities and social sciences based on the fundamentals of cutting-edge research at a disciplinary level.

Application Deadline:

The application deadline is 15 May for the winter semester (University of Stuttgart); German applicants have to apply to the University of Stuttgart, and French applicants have to apply to Sciences Po Bordeaux.

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