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Australia Awards Scholarship
The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Australia 4/2 Years
Australia Full Time
Undergraduate & Postgraduate Onsite


The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade administers the Australia Awards Scholarship Program. It is a long-term award. The aim is to contribute to the development needs of Australia’s partner countries in line with bilateral and regional agreements. Moreover, the study and research opportunities provided by Australia Awards Scholarships develop the skills and knowledge of individuals. Thus, it enhances to drive change and contribute to development in their own countries.


Australia Awards Scholarships are offered for the minimum period necessary for the individual to complete the academic program specified by the Australian higher education institution, including any preparatory training. The following benefits generally cover:

  • Full tuition fees.
  • Living expenses.
  • Overseas scholar’s basic medical costs.
  • Pre-course English (PCE) fees.
  • Supplementary academic support may be available to ensure a scholar’s academic success or enhance their academic experience.
  • Fieldwork allowance is available for eligible research students only.


Applicants who want to accept an Australia Awards Scholarship will need to sign a contract with the Commonwealth of Australia declaring that they will comply with the conditions of the scholarship. Scholars have to leave Australia for a minimum of two years after completing their scholarship. Failure to do so will result in the scholar incurring a debt for the total accrued cost of their scholarship.

How to Apply?

Go to the Online Australia Scholarships Information System (OASIS). When you register online, you will have to answer some questions to establish your eligibility. Then, You will get a unique registration number, username, and password. However, you do not need to submit your application immediately. You can set up a draft application form and update it, and your supporting documentation, until the designated closing date as on the relevant participating country profile. Moreover, if you are unable to submit your application online, you can apply by mail. Know more details regarding this scholarship from the official website.

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