Why study in Switzerland – top reasons explained

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Can you picture Switzerland? Or, do you know why study in Switzerland is preferable to many?

The first thing that pops up in your mind is snowy mountains. Right? Besides, there are lots of people and endless opportunities for education and work.

Literally, life in Switzerland is like a fairy tale. The country comes with an abundance of opportunities. It is a developed country in different terms.

But, certain issues make it more impressive. Especially the education system. So, a good number of international students pursue their higher education in this country.

In this post, we will explore the features, facilities to study in the country. Moreover, you also will get some additional information. The information is about the entire education system of the country.

Let’s start the exploration.

The education system

In Switzerland, the education system is a bit special. It is special for the reason that there is diversity in education here.

Some of the cases, education is for free, especially for the children. And when you are in your higher studies, you can also avail the feature. But that needs proper attention, skills and a solid academic background.

The education system is categorized into several phases. Get a brief look here.

Primary education

The first one primary education – and this is mandatory for every child. When a child is of six years, it needs admission to primary education in Switzerland.

Secondary education

After completing primary education, it is the beginning of secondary education. IT is also obligatory for each of the students. In this stage, they are categorized based on their primary education skills and capacities.

Tertiary education

It is the next step after secondary education. And students have the option to select their level of studies based on their secondary education discipline.

International students

In Switzerland, international students prefer to pursue their higher education like MA, MBA or PhD. Even, the international students also get admitted to the tertiary level as well. There are a number of courses and features available for international students.

School system

Most of the schools in Switzerland come from the cantonal school system. Under this system, the compulsory schooling system is up to 11 years. But the system varies based on the cantons.

Top reasons why study in Switzerland

Switzerland is a country filled with natural beauties. Besides, people also enjoy the latest features of the technology. People in the country are also financially abundant. The combination of tradition and technology makes life easier here.

The key features of the education system of Switzerland are explained in brief here.

Top-class education

The education system in Switzerland belongs to top-class. And there is a high demand of education globally. The courses, curriculum, course materials – all are captivating. So, instead of feeling bored with your books, you will start enjoying them.

Best academic training

At the same time, you will get comprehensive academic training. Most of the cases, pursuing higher education remains a bit incomplete. It happens as the academic training is not up to the mark. And the students lose their interest.

But the scenario is different here. Because of the interesting and up to the mark training, students never lose their interest. Finally, they become an attentive learner of their courses.

On the other part, there are a good number of subjects and courses. No matter what you want to study in Switzerland. You will have ample options. Most of the popular courses include MBAs, MA in Computer Science, Hospitality and Management, Biomedicine and others.

Multicultural environment

You will be amazed by the multicultural environment in Switzerland. Numbers of students and researchers from different other countries arrive here. They complete their academic activities with great care. So, it would be a chance for you to learn about newer culture and people.

In the end, you will have a pool experience. And you can apply the earned knowledge in your real-life.

Extra-curricular activities

The options to participate in extra-curricular activities. You can have the option to participate in sports and competitions. Because of the beautiful environment, your leisure activities will provide you with immense pleasure.

Besides, you can go for seasonal activities in winter or summer. Hiking, cycling, skiing – all are great forms of entertainment. And you can enjoy them with your heart alongside your academic studies.


If you are unable to bear your academic costs, you can apply for scholarships. The scholarships will cover your living cost, tuition fees and others. Moreover, you can avail the scholarships either from the Swiss government or from the universities in Switzerland.

Part-time jobs

Also, you can have the options of getting part-time jobs in Switzerland while you are studying. With the payment from the jobs, you can cover almost all of your expenses. And most importantly, the jobs are respectable. You will never feel down while performing your duties.



List of universities in Switzerland

University of Basel, University of Bern, University of Fribourg, University of Geneva, University of Neuchâtel, University of Lausanne, University of Lucerne , University of Lugano, University of St. Gallen, University of Zurich, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich

So, now you know why study in Switzerland. And this is the end of today. But, I will return shortly with any other topic. Stay tuned until then.

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