Study in Norway – a non-traditional way of higher studies

University of Oslo

What does the study remind you of?

Sitting on a desk all the time? Or, carrying a bag filled with books and papers? Or, a student who did not sleep last night to submit the assignment?

Well. All are true. And it depends on the level or place of study.

But if you want some relief, to skip the excessive pressure of academic activities, your study in Norway can help you get that.

Norway is the country that has mountains. Glaciers. And other natural beauties.

So, you will never feel that you are in the stress of academic studies. You can go fishing, hiking or participate in any other suitable activities. The activities will energize you to focus on study.


Reasons to select higher education in Norway

Numbers of solid reasons make Norway a prime destination for international students. Qualified students can easily pursue their higher studies in the country. And interestingly, the country prioritizes international students.

The other reasons are explained in brief below.

Top-quality education

The first and most important issue is the quality of education. If you are looking for high-quality education, Norway could be the right destination. A wide range of subjects are courses are available. You can pursue your vocational diploma to postgraduate courses.

Besides, the teachers are student-friendly. And you can reach them most of the time without following any protocol.

Warm relations

In Norway, you will find some warm relations among the students and teachers. Even, the professors are also open to the most junior student of the institution. As a result, when anyone is in trouble with any issues, the professors, teachers, or other administrative assistants are there.

You will get the right types of support from your mentors.

Effortless learning

Another impressive factor is the way of effortless learning. You will not witness the conventional way of education. The teachers, professors, and mentors will help you think critically. This feature is not available everywhere.

If you select any particular field of studies, you will know how to analyze certain aspects. It is the highlight of the Norwegian education system.

No language barrier

At the same time, there is no language barrier. Most of the courses are available in English. So, if you are unaware of the local language, not to worry. You can go deeper into your academic field using the English language.

Besides, if you want to live in the country, you can communicate using English as well. If you have a higher level of command over English, you can live there comfortably.

Low education cost

On the other part, the education cost in Norway is lower. The mainstream higher education institutions are funded from the government. So, the government allows the students to study for free and at a lower cost.

However, as an international student, you may need to pay a certain amount of fees. Thereby, you can check the tuition fee amounts on the website of the desired institution.

Free medical treatment

If you are a student in Norway, you will get certain medical treatments for free of costs. But to avail of the services, you are to meet some features. It largely depends on your stay in the country and what types of courses you are studying.

What you need to enroll at Norwegian universities

To enroll yourself in any university in Norway, you will need to have at least secondary education. The education level must be equivalent to the high-school standard of the country.

Usually, the applicants of MA courses must complete their Bachelor’s. And the duration should be of at least three years.

Academic sessions to study in Norway  

To study in Norway, you must know the academic sessions. But, academic sessions in Norway vary based on the courses and institutions. So, this is not possible to figure out the exact semester dates. You may need to check on the websites of the institutions for the authentic information.

This was the end of today’s topic.

Will be back with some other topic, shortly. Stay tuned with us. Or, you can also check more about other countries and courses like in the USA, Germany, France or the UK.

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