Top Universities in Argentina

Universities in Argentina

Every person conclusively has an ambition of accomplishing certain designation in their life. For the achievement of their desired goal, they need to pursue an efficient and high-quality education system. In this blog, we will let you know about 5 Top Universities in Argentina.

Only a developed country can provide students with contemporary gadgets and appliances for enhanced education. As a result, students of underdeveloped or developing countries are lagging to effectuate their dreams. Besides, they can’t take part in the development projects of the globe.

Hence, they aspire to study at the top-ranked universities of foreign countries. However, if you are one of those who desire to study abroad but are confused in the case of choosing the best university that co-relates with your ambition then you must read this write-up.

This article will give you a complete idea of the top 5 universities in Argentina. Let’s see which are those universities.

Top Universities in Argentina

Argentina boasts several esteemed universities, each offering unique academic opportunities. Firstly, the University of Buenos Aires stands out as a beacon of higher education, providing a diverse range of programs.

Transitioning to the National University of La Plata, students find a rich scholarly environment. Additionally, the University of Belgrano focuses on international perspectives, while the University of San Andrés is renowned for its commitment to research and innovation.

Lastly, the University of Córdoba, established in 1613, holds a historical significance in Argentina’s educational landscape.

5 Top Universities in Argentina

There are lots of universities in Argentina. Here we will give you the best 5 universities’ names. These are:

  • University of Buenos Aires
  • National University of La Plata
  • National University of Córdoba
  • National University of Rosario
  • National University of Cuyo

Let’s check their details one by one. We believe you will enjoy this post. So, please keep reading.

5. National University of Cuyo

The National University of Cuyo is the largest center of higher education in the province of Mendoza, Argentina which embarked on its journey on March 21, 1939.

The main aim of Universidad Nacional de Cuyo is the development and dissemination of cultural expressions through academic teaching, scientific research, technical and professional training, and the promotion of ethical and esthetic values.

It harbors 44,160 students. This university is split into 12 faculties, all of them located in Mendoza. In addition, the faculties of this university furnish undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate studies. The National University of Cuyo has a world ranking of 1463.

4. National University of Rosario

The foundation year of Rosario National University (UNR) is 1968. From the very beginning, Rosario National University promoted an active relationship with Rosario society which allowed it to accomplish every initiated project and foster growth in accordance with regional demands.

At present, it accommodates 12 colleges, 3 high schools, and one interdisciplinary academy. The degrees that it dispenses are 171 postgraduate courses, 63 college degrees, 15 technical degrees, 53 intermediate-level college degrees, 26 degrees for articulation with the non-university higher education system, and 32 professional degrees. Moreover, the current rank of this university is 1298 worldwide.

3. National University of Córdoba

The National University of Córdoba was endowed in 1613. In terms of the number of students, faculty, and academic programs, this University has been the 2nd largest university in the country since the 20th century.

However, it has acquired the nickname ‘La docta’ which means ‘The Wise’. The UNC has 13 faculties offering nearly 300 undergraduate and graduate degrees. There are also 100 academic research centers and services, 25 libraries, and 16 museums.

On-campus facilities include an indoor gymnasium, sports hall, and a 12-hectare sports field for 25 different sports including hockey, volleyball, rugby, and handball. Further, the ranking of this university fluctuates between 801 to 1000 according to QS Global World Rankings 2021.

2. National University of La Plata

La Plata National University remarked on its tour of teaching on April 18, 1897. It is the biggest university in Argentina located in La Plata. Today the University adheres to one of the most important ontological and ethnological collections of South America giving it an opportunity to become renowned.

It contains over 90,000 regular students & 10,000 teaching crew.  Dr. Dardo Rocha is the proctor of the University. This university accommodates  17 departments and 106 available degrees.

Moreover, QS Global World Rankings 2021 ranked the National University of La Plata at 652-700 globally. Further, it exists in the list of top 5 universities in Argentina.

Top Universities in Argentina

1. University of Buenos Aires

Another best universities in Argentina is the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). It is a public research university located in Buenos Aires Argentina. This institution started its academic journey in 1821. Since then, it has been the most prominent university for higher learning in the country.

It was considered to be the most reputed institution in 2021. This university is highly reputed as it has educated 17 Argentine Presidents and achieved four of the five Nobel Prize laureates. It is glorified for approximately 40% of the nation’s research output.

The University enrolls more than 328000 students. In this university, undergraduate education is completely free for both Argentine & international students. This institution is standardized into 13 independent faculties.

The QS university rankings currently ranked UBA at number 66 across the globe as well and it is listed as in the top 5 best universities in Argentina. Learn more about UBA.

Thoughts about top universities in Argentina

To conclude, I would like to enumerate that Argentina is one of the most renowned nations that has achieved worldwide acceptance for receiving upgraded and elevated higher education & its top world ranking proves this fact.

Hence, taking graduation or any other degree from the top-ranked will be a matter of luck for any student around the world. So, to know the facts of the 5 top-ranked universities of Argentina, you are highly counseled to read the complete article.

If you want to learn more about different universities, their scholarship, or interesting facts about the education system of different developed countries then you can wander here for daily updates.

Moreover, don’t forget to share the articles with your friends if you like them. Most importantly, best wishes for your future goals.

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