Top 5 Master’s scholarships in Austria


No doubt that this post is about scholarships in Austria. The title suggests to, and I hope everyone has got some pre-ideas about the post as well.

Well. Right you are. In this post, you will get some comprehensive ideas about the top scholarships for pursuing MA and PhD degrees in Austria.

Austria provides different types of scholarships to both local and international students. Anyone with proper academic background and skills can apply for the scholarships.

During your higher study in Austria, you can have both full scholarships or partial scholarships.

The government of the country and the universities provide grants to the eligible candidates. You can avail scholarships for your undergraduate, graduate, or even for postdoctoral studies.

However, this particular post is about the scholarships for MA and PhD students only.

Let’s check the top five such scholarships of Austria.


# 1 Helmut Veith Stipend

Helmut Veith Stipend is focused on females. If you are a female and want to complete your higher education in Austria, you can apply for this scholarship.

But remember, this is a partial scholarship. It will not cover all of your educational expenses. The option is open for both the local and international students in Austria. Under the program, the candidates can obtain their MA level degrees.

You can have your MA degree in Computer Science.

Under the scholarship, an eligible candidate will have 6000 euros annually. And the successful applicant will have the scholarship for up to two years of duration.

Besides, the successful candidate will have a waiver of tuition fees at the TU Wien.


# 2 MBA Scholarship – Modul Vienna University

If you are planning to pursue your Master of Business Administration studies in Austria, this is a potential grant. Under this program, you will have partial funding. At the same time, you will get a waiver in your tuition fees. You have to pay only 50 percent of your tuition fees.

The scholarship is particularly available in Modul Vienna University. The scholarship is available on courses like business administration, real estate management, digital marketing, among others.

However, the selection process for this scholarship is a bit special. You are to be an Austrian student to avail of the scholarship. Moreover, you need to have experience of at least three years.


# 3 The Next Generation Scholarship for PhD Candidates

If you are looking for a suitable option for your PhD, you need to check this program. The scholarship is available at Modul University.

This is a partial scholarship, and you will get a 50 percent waiver at your tuition fees. The available courses under the program include Governance, Tourism, Economics, Social Entrepreneurship and Investment, among others.

Before you apply for the scholarship, you must know that Modul University is one of the leading institutions. It provides options for innovative research for the PhD candidates. They can continue the research in a very special environment.

Moreover, researchers can have assistance from skilled faculty members. It also covers the gap of knowledge for the researchers.

The amount of tuition fee reduction is up to €45,000.


# 4 One World Scholarship-Afro-Asian Institute Salzburg Grants

At times, you need a full-free option to pursue your dream. If you are one of them – who wants a full tuition fee waiver- this one is for you.

However, this scholarship program is for Masters and PhD degrees. And you can avail it from the University of Innsbruck and the University of Salzburg in Austria. The scholarship is mainly for the students of the developing countries.

The other interesting aspect is that the scholarship is applicable to any subject. No matter if you are a student of science or business studies. You can apply for it.

Under the scholarship benefits, you will have all the educational expenses.

Making an application for this scholarship is easier too. But you are to be a student of a non-European nation. And you must be within 30 years of age when you apply for it [for the MA students].

And the age limit is 35 for the PhD applicants.


# 5 IAEA Marie Sklodowska-Curie International Fellowship Programme

The International Atomic Energy Agency Marie Sklodowska-Curie International Fellowship Programme is a MA grant program.

This is a Master’s degree scholarship for the students of science background.

Under the program, a student will get up to €20,000 to complete their academic year. And most importantly, this scholarship is for female students.

So, if you are one of those who want to pursue higher education in science, it is the right one.

The scholarship allows students to study MA in nuclear science and technology. Also, you can select subjects like nuclear safety,

However, as this is a science-related program, you need to demonstrate high skills. As an applicant, you must have a significant academic background. You must own a CGPA of over 3.00 out of 4.00 scale.

So, this is all for today. Hope, you have got a precise idea about the study and scholarships in Austria.

You will be glad that I’m planning another detailed post about the living and lifestyle in Austria. In fact, I am so excited that I couldn’t resist myself from sharing this plan. So, please wait until my next post.

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