Top 4 universities to study in Belarus for global students

Planning to study in Belarus?

Belarus is a landlocked country. It is one of the leading states in eastern Europe. But this is a prime destination for international students.

A notable number of educational institutions and universities are located in the country. They provide higher education to local and international students. Being the quality education provider, the students throng in the institutions.

So, in this post, we will learn about the top five universities in Belarus. The educational institutions are suitable for all types of students. They can pursue degrees at different levels.

So, let’s check them here.


Belarusian National Technical University

It is one of the leading universities in Belarus. The university has been operational for around 90 years. Being a dynamic university, it helps students to learn the key issues of technical education.

Also, top-class education is the other feature here. The faculties are highly skilled and excellent in imparting education.

If you want stable growth or development, this could be the prime destination in Belarus. But the institution is mostly suitable for students with a science background. However, there are few options for the students of humanities as well.

The programs in the university are tailored. And you can gain lots of innovative information from here.


Grodno State Medical University

If you want to study medicine in Belarus, Grodno State Medical University is a great option. The university was founded in 1958. Thereby, it is the oldest medical school in the country and specializing in medicine. Also, psychology is another scope of specialization.

The university is famous for the first autopsy in the eastern region of Europe. It was done in 1586, though it started as a single faculty university, now the branches have expanded a lot.

The university played a leading role in the country since the 1970s. With the introduction of newer departments, it came into the focal point of medical education. At present, there are six faculties, with a special one for the global students.

As the university has its own academic journal, the students and teachers have the option to publish their scholarly articles. They will get priority in this case.


Belarusian State University

It is one of the oldest educational institutions in the country. It was established in 1921 and now one of the leading ones in Belarus. The location of the university is also prime – in Minsk.

The university is a large one and can accommodate around 30,000 students. There are a wide number of programs and courses available for local and international students. Hence, this is a great place for higher education.

However, you need to follow certain procedures for admission to the university. For instance, you have to participate in the entrance test. Besides, you must have an excellent academic track.


Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno

Another impressive university in Belarus. The university accommodates some 18,000 local and international students.

It is one of the oldest universities in the country as well. The university bears the memory of Yanka Kupala, a poet of the country. At present, there are over 14 faculties and over 70 departments.

No worries if you are willing to study in English. Yanka Kupala university is the home where you can have courses in English as well.


So, this was all in the bag to share to study in Belarus. Hope to meet with any other topic, shortly.

However, if you want, you can check on IELTS, higher education in Germany, the USA, the UK, China and other countries.

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