Pros and cons of study in Argentina

Are you planning to study in Argentina? In that case, you are in the right tab. In this post, you will have the most useful information about life and living in that country.

Argentina is in South America. And it has a charming environment to live, study and enjoy life. So, you must know all the necessary features before moving there. The cost of education in the country is relatively lower.

Though the country is a bit out of the conventional track, it’s an exciting country for higher study. The size and shape of Argentina are huge. In fact, the higher study will provide you a rewarding experience.

So, let’s check the other details.

The academic costs to study in Argentina

As it is told earlier, the academic cost in Argentina is not that much. If you compare to Europe or the USA, you will find it cheaper.

If you are an international student, you are to pay at least USD 5000. Based on your courses and institution, the cost may go up to USD 15,000.

It is fairly cheaper than those institutions in the USA or the UK. But you will have almost similar types of courses here. The quality of education is the same as the other countries of the world.

Scholarships to study in Argentina

At the same time, you can also get scholarships. Click here to know more about the best scholarships in Argentina.

The scholarship will cover the tuition costs. Sometimes, you can have the living cost as well from the scholarships. But, you need to apply for the scholarships in the right manner.

Most of the cases, the scholarship providers focus on past academic performance. So, unless you have an excellent academic background, you cannot apply.

However, if you find a partial scholarship, you need to bear the remaining expenses.

Living cost

Living in the Argentine cities may appear as one of the key challenges. But the living cost in Argentina is fairly lower. Even a student can pass a year with not more than USD 5,000. Yes, it’s true.

As a student, if you spend around USD 2500, that is okay. But if you want to have a stylish life, the cost may increase more. But will not exceed USD 5,000.

In the local currency (Peso), you may have to spend around 15,000 – equivalent to less than USD 2,000. You will pay the rent in this amount for a year. However, the cost is a bit higher for other people.

Accommodation in Argentina

On the other part, there are several types of accommodation systems for international students. You have the option to study in the accommodation provided by your university. It has some benefits as you can easily attend classes. Or, you will have easy contact with fellow students.

However, you can also pick a private accommodation. Private accommodation is for those students who want some privacy. But in that case, the rental cost may see a hike.

If you want to know more about the country and its culture, you can stay at home. You will rent a shelter in a family. There you will know the local cultures, traditions, foods, styles, and more. At the end of the month, you have to pay the rent to the family you are living with.

Transportation system

Usually, students prefer to walk to their academic institutions. But there are some other provisions as well. You can hire a taxi if the university is a bit far. Or, you can also take a ride in public transportation.

Riding the subway or in public transportation is a bit economical. And they are always available too. If you ride on buses, you can easily travel across the cities. The universities and other academic institutions are located in the central parts of the cities. Hence, the bus will drop you there.

Collecting tickets is of no hassle. There are automatic ticket vending machines available. You can have the ticket from there.

Part-time jobs

Of course, you can participate in part-time jobs. But you must have legal permission for that. Without legal permission like a work visa, you cannot apply for the jobs.

If you apply without a work visa, you may have to pay fines. Also, there might be some other legal complications. Thereby, it is important to check if you have a work permit/ visa. Also, you have to collect a legal residence permit.

So, in most cases, the options for part-time jobs are limited. Not everyone can apply for part-time jobs unless they complete education. It is also a bit difficult to get full-time jobs in the country. There are certain issues that hinder the job searching process.

Local culture

Initially, it may appear that the Argentine people are a bit arrogant. But in reality, they are not so. If you start talking with them, you will feel the difference.

It is true that the country people have many things to boast. And they are proud indeed.

But when you are to socialize with them, you will know how smart, cordial, and benevolent they are. You just have to start, and they will do the rest. They really are curious, friendly. Some of them are funny too.


Officially, Spanish is the Argentine language. But you can see some other languages as well. If you have a fascination with the Spanish language, you can learn it here. Also, you can communicate using the international language.

But if you really want to know the best Spanish dialect, nothing could be better than Argentina.

You will be amazed at the dialect as it is a bit different. This is also easier to learn this Spanish dialect from Argentina.


In Argentina, there are two types of universities. The first one is the government university, and the second one is a private university.

Government universities provide education for free. But getting admission for a foreign student is a bit tough. On the other part, anyone can get admission to private universities. In that case, your educational cost will rise to a notable extent.

Extracurricular activities

On the other part, you will have a number of extracurricular activities. The locals are fond of participating in various festivals and celebrations. You can be a part of those. Also, you can participate in sports in your respective academic institutions.


Rate of exchange

The local currency is Peso (ARS). The exchange rate with a US$ is amazing. In Argentina, one dollar (US$1) is equivalent to 6,155 pesos. You must know the exchange rate with your local currency if you want to study in Argentina.


So, this is all I had to share with you about study in Argentina. Hope to come back with some other topic shortly.

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