Best scholarships in Argentina for Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD

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Tired of searching scholarships? Not to worry. Here you will find the best scholarships in Argentina.

In fact, Argentina is a country with ample opportunities for local and international students. It has a wonderful geographical location. Also, the bordering countries of this state are adorable.

So, if you plan to pursue higher education in Argentina, this post if for you.


You will get comprehensive ideas about the scholarships in the country. Moreover, you will know about the detailed information about the programs. Finally, it could be a great opportunity for you to apply for the grants.

Forgot to share, the country provides you with a number of academic programs and courses.

So, let’s check the details below.


Fully-Funded PhD Position in Micro-Robotics

As the name suggests, this is a fully-funded scholarship program. And this is for those who are planning to pursue a PhD in micro-robotics. The subject itself is a special one and needs more attention.

Hence, the University of Delaware provides the scholarship to students. But to be eligible for this scholarship, you must be an international student in Argentina.

Further, you are to complete your bachelor’s in certain subjects. Or, you cannot apply for it. The subjects include Robotics, Mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, among others.

The university also seeks a Master’s degree in the respective field. But if you do not have the degree, you can apply for it.

Mente Argentina Masters Scholarships

It’s good news for those who are international students in Argentina. Mente Argentina offers scholarships to various international students. It helps the students to continue their higher education.

The scholarship mostly aims to provide assistance to students in certain aspects. If you need to cover costs for your academic programs, you can get it. In fact, this is an organization that aims to promote the personal growth of international students.

The scholarship is provided at the Master’s and graduate level. So, you must be a student of Masters to have this scholarship. Also, this is applicable to the graduates.

Under this scholarship, you can study the subject that you prefer most. There is not a subject or course bar in this program. A student will get around 2500 USD in this program.


KDS Scholarship

KDS scholarship is a contest and you are to win it with your skills. This particular scholarship is for the undergraduates. But you can avail of it for your masters as well.

Under this scholarship, the successful applicant will get a reward of around 1500 USD. The sole amount could be used for your tuition fees.

The amount is smart. But as an applicant, you are to show your skills and expertise. If your academic score is not up to the mark, you cannot apply for it. Also, you must be from those backgrounds where you had to struggle.

For an applicant, the criteria to apply for the scholarship is to have at least 3.0 in your CGPA. Besides, you need to apply in those institutions where the authorities run the program.


international scholarship for Girls (ISW)

If you are female and seeking the right option for higher studies, don’t miss it. This scholarship is specially customized for girls. They can pursue bachelor, masters, and even their PhD courses.

Under the scholarship, the students will get a complete waiver in their tuition fees. Women from any of the countries can apply for the program. However, you need to have a standard educational standard to apply for this grant.

Another interesting feature is that the program will allow you to go back to your native land. There, you can exercise the earned knowledge for the betterment.


QS Scholarship – another best scholarship in Argentina

It’s the other scholarship for international students in the country. It is suitable for postgraduates.

Under the scholarship, the successful applicant will get 10,000 USD. With this funding, they can cover almost all of their academic costs.

Only students with a remarkable academic background are eligible for this program.

However, you are to show some potentials of leadership. The scholarship aims to build the students as leaders for change. The authorities want the students to bring positive change in society with their knowledge.

Unless you have the potentials, you cannot be one of them.

So, that was all for this post. Hope you enjoyed it. To know more about other scholarship programs, keep browsing

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