MSc in Global Change at Aalborg University (AAU), Denmark

Aarhus University (AU) 2 Years
Denmark Full Time
Master (2 years) of of Science in Sustainable Development in Agriculture (Agris Mundus) Onsite

Increasing population pressure, industrialization, and intensive land use are causing depletion of natural resources and are limiting the performance of land with respect to functions such as biomass production, carbon sequestration, and water purification. The cumulative effects of climate change and the abovementioned aspects of global change influence the capacity of soils to regenerate and may even cause soil degradation.

The future capacity of soils to support (human) life is at stake, as recognized by national and international organizations and governmental bodies, such as the EU. Programs have been developed to protect the environment and to increase ecosystem resilience. Numerous directives have been developed and implemented that build on scientific knowledge about soil response to external pressures.

This scientific knowledge is available in European universities, but rather dispersed due to the specialization and size of the relevant research groups. In the past, this has made it difficult for students to follow a focused curriculum on soils and global change at any individual university.

Career Opportunities  

With an International Master of Science in Soils and Global Change, you will be trained in soil management in the context of global change with either an agro-ecosystem focus or an integrated land management focus. You will gain extensive knowledge about what it takes to save our soils from degradation, how to make soils resilient to climate change, and how to make soils healthy again. You will be equipped to follow a variety of career paths as a top-level researcher, an academic, or a policymaker. This means that there are job opportunities in regional environment agencies, municipal nature conservation offices, agricultural advisory services, educational institutions, NGOs concerned with nature and the environment, consulting engineering companies, and EU institutions, ministries, and other public authorities. Research is also an obvious career path. Students can apply for admission to the university’s Ph.D. program following completion of the thesis.


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Course Details:

The Erasmus Mundus International Master’s in Soils and Global Change (IMSOGLO) offers you a unique international educational experience with a focused curriculum on soils and global change by bringing together the expertise of research groups at four renowned EU universities. The program has been granted EU’s prestigious Erasmus Mundus label. It is offered jointly by Ghent University (Belgium), University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (Austria), University of Göttingen (Germany), and Aarhus University (Denmark).

Enrollment Requirements:

To find out more about admission to the MSc in Soils and Global Change please visit the program’s website.

In addition, documentation may be required verifying that your proficiency in English is at a specified level.

Teaching Language:


Costs/Tuition Fees:

7,250 EUR

Level/Field(s) of Study:

Agri, Forestry & Fisheries

Degree Level:


About the University/Institution:

All degree programs and research activities at Aalborg University are problem and project-based and have an interdisciplinary focus.
Through the strong interplay between staff and students and intense collaboration with public and private sectors, we offer degree programs with a real-world approach and provide world-class research.

This results in new insights, new solutions to societal challenges, and knowledge that changes the world.

Application Deadline:

Application date: Mar 01
Start date: Sep 01
Application date: Jan 15
Start date: Sep 01

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