International scholarships in Argentina

Buenos Aires

Are you looking for an international scholarship in 2020 in Argentina?

Well, you are in the right place. Argentina is an amazing country with a number of things to offer to its citizens and travelers.

So, if you want to study in Argentina, that would be a great decision. The expenses in the country are moderate. And you need not spend more for your higher education.

In South America, Argentina is a large country. A good number of international students pursue their higher studies in the country. The education system is standard. And there are ample options for selecting educational institutions.

Let’s check the details here.


Before you move into the country, you need to know about the language. Mostly, the Spanish language dominates the country. So, as the first step, you need to learn Spanish. However, you can communicate using English as well.

But if you plan a long-term stay, it would be best if you learn Spanish.

Living costs

Usually, living costs in Argentina are moderate. But if you want to live next to or in a city, or in the capital Buenos Aires, the cost may be a bit higher. In fact, the costs vary based on the locations.

Not to fear. The cost is comparatively lower.

The average cost of living for a student is around $4,000 for a year. But it may get a slight increase if your location is near the university.

Part-time jobs

At the same time, if you want you can get engaged in part-time job activities. Foreign students can participate in such activities to manage their costs. There are no bindings in having a part-time job.

But you must have the proper documentation for the part-time job. Or, you will not get the job anywhere across the country.

Educational institutions

There are over 100 educational institutions available in Argentina. Interestingly, half of them are private and the rest are public.

If you can get admission in any public institution, you will have to pay fewer tuition fees. But the fees may witness a hike once you are in a private institution.

And, you are to apply at the institution you would like to get admission. You can select the university that matches best with your skills and educational profile. Checking the features from the university sites is the best way in this case.

However, you can have international scholarships in Argentina in any of the educationals institutions. But you must check beforehand about the availability of the grants.

Academic calendar

Generally, the academic calendar in Argentina begins in March and ends in November every year.


You can study without scholarships in Argentina as the cost is lower. But if you want, you can apply for the scholarships as well. They are easy to apply and obtain.

Top scholarships in Argentina for international students

Mente Argentina Scholarship Program

This is one of the leading scholarship programs in Argentina. It provides scholarships to anyone from any nation. But the important fact to remember that this is a competitive scholarship. Unless you are skilled and expert in your subject matter, you may not avail it.

Under this scholarship, a student may get up to $2,500 for a semester or for a year. The grant will cover the subsidy of your tuition fees, travel costs, and others. But you are to apply following the rules.

Coca-Cola Scholarships

This is another important scholarship in Argentina. And mostly it is suitable for undergraduate and international students.

Annually, there are 150 scholarships available under this grant. And the amount of award is $20,000 for a year to continue the study.

The application process is easier. You need not send any physical documents to prove your candidature. Just, fill in the form and send it back to the Coca-Cola Scholarships authorities.

Holt Scholarships

The scholarship is from LAIS. It provides $1,900 to an international student. Under the scholarship, you can cover either a semester or an entire academic year.

But receiving the scholarship is highly competitive. You must have a very good command over the Spanish language.

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarships

The number of grants annually is 2,300 for this scholarship program. But you are to be the right candidate. No matter what your origin is, you can apply for the scholarship.

Under the scholarship, you can participate in the study abroad program of Argentina. The amount of award is $5,000 for the successful candidates. And it covers most of the conventional costs of a student.

Feeling excited? Well, everyone feels so about the international scholarships in Argentina. On top of that, the applying process is effortless as well.

However, if you need to know more about scholarships and grants in other countries like Australia, Germany, the USA, and the UK, keep visiting the And don’t forget to share your thoughts on the comment box below.


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