Best 5 US scholarships in 2021 for global students

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Pursuing higher education in USA is easier now than before. There are numbers of universities that offer full scholarships to international students in USA.

This post is about scholarships in USA for international students 2020. Numbers of programs will open this year. And you need to apply following the deadline.

Therefore, you need to know about scholarships. And their benefits and other relevant information.

In this post, I have shared almost all the necessary information. I’m pretty sure you can grab them.


The scholarships


Fulbright Foreign Student Program in USA

It’s a USA government-sponsored scholarship. And this is for pursuing MA or PhD degree. It is aimed for graduate or young professionals from around the world. They can obtain the MA or the PhD under this funding.

Interestingly, there is no bar on your academic fields. You can apply for interdisciplinary fields as well.

About 4,000 students, researchers, and scholars get this scholarship annually. And it aims to provide fund for students from 155 countries who want to have their MA and PhD.

Under the scholarship, you will have tuition fees, living costs, airfare, among others.


American University Online Program Scholarships

If you want to pursue your MA degree, the American University Online Program Scholarships can be the right one. The courses – under the scholarships- begin from the Fall of 2020.

This particular scholarship is a bit special than other US scholarships. As it allows the grant receivers to study various subjects and courses. Under this program, you can study a wide number of subjects.

The subjects include – MA in Economics, Public Administration, Health Promotion Management, Nutrition Education, among others.

But there is no specification of scholarship numbers here. However, being a prestigious scholarship, you are to be eligible. To apply here, you must have an excellent academic background.

It provides up to $10,000 for the students.


Hubert Humphrey Fellowships in USA for International Students

Another USA government-sponsored scholarship. Usually, the academic programs start from April to September

The program is for professionals. If you want to enhance your skills and understanding, you can apply here. It helps to build your leadership. Also, you have the option of a mutual exchange of knowledge under this program with your fellows.

However, you are unable to select your institution. Instead, the authorities will assign you groups or appropriate institutions.

Under this program, you can study a wide variety of courses. The courses include – Economic Development, Communication, Journalism, Agriculture, Finance and Banking, Human Resource Management, Public Health Policy and Management, among others.

Annually, some 200 fellows receive the grants. And this is suitable for students from South Asia, Central Asia, Europe, Sub-Saharan

Under the scholarship, you will have tuition fees, language training, living cost, sickness coverage, book allowance, among others.


Humanitarian Health Scholarships at Johns Hopkins University

If you are looking for an online MA degree, it could be the potential one. The courses will start in Fall of 2020.

The scholarship is for students and applicants of low and middle-income countries.

Only two scholarships are offered annually. So, you are to compete with a hundred other applicants to join this online program.

But the scholarship will provide up to $10,000 that will cover the tuition cost.


Fully-Funded Rotary Peace Fellowships 2020-2021

For a Master’s certificate, this Fully-Funded Rotary Peace Fellowships 2020-2021 could be a great choice.

The program allows around 100 applicants for the professional MA program.

Under the program, you can study in Professional Development Certificate Program. Or, you can select an MA program.

This fellowship covers tuition fees, living costs, and other field expenses.

Also, the fellowship is applicable for those who have professional working experience in peace and conflict prevention and resolution. For the MA degree, the applicants need to be a full-timer with at least three years of experience.

Moreover, you need to be proficient in English and must have professional and academic achievements.

So, you are now aware of the scholarships for your higher education in the USA. I’m wrapping up today. Shall be there with some other topic, shortly.

But, if you want to know something about American university scholarships, or higher education in USA, use the comment box below. Or, you can share your thoughts and ideas. Also, you can share the article on your social platforms.

To get idea about the Best scholarships for int’l students in the USA, you can check this.


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