Destination Hong Kong for Higher Studies

Hong Kong skyline

Hong Kong!

A charming name. A cultural fusion. Besides, it is one of the leading economic hubs in Asia. The education system in the country is also up to the mark. So, it has become a leading study destination for international students.

Interestingly, a notable number of Hong Kong universities have ranked in the world. And the institutions are impressive as well.

Naturally, the number of students crowding Hong Kong witnessed a sharp rise. They want to pursue higher education from renowned universities.

In this post, we will get some comprehensive information about the universities. Also, we will know about some impressive factors. Let’s start the journey.

Why Hong Kong?

The very first thing that attracts people is the skyline. The skyline of Hong Kong is iconic. Modern skyscrapers look wonderful. Moreover, it is a hub of economic activities.

Hence, Hong Kong has experienced a great change. The changes are in its structure, in its harbors. Overall conditions.

The authorities have also taken care of educational institutions. A strong culture of research is going on. Besides, the invention of newer ideas is a common phenomenon here.

Cost of education

The cost of education varies in Hong Kong. It depends on the courses and reputation of the institution.

The overall cost may include tuition fees, semester fees, admission charges, administrative charges, among others. Besides, you may also need to pay some additional fees. They include- transportation fees, extracurricular fees, etc.

However, you can also avail the option of scholarships in Hong Kong. Different educational institutions provide scholarships to local and international students.

No language barrier

Most of the higher educational institutions use the English language. Most of the courses are in English. So, it is not a problem for international students.

But if you are native, you also have the option to study in the Chinese language. It is not a barrier at all.

Great career opportunities

Hong Kong is a great place of opportunities. Numbers of local and international corporations have their headquarters and branches here. So, you have ample opportunities to pursue your career.

You will have the option to pursue your desired job. Almost all corporations need fresh and skilled hands. You could be one of those hands and get an impressive career.

International degrees

The degrees from the universities in Hong Kong are of international standard. You can use pursued degrees anywhere in the world.

No matter even if you pursue a diploma, that would be of global standard.

Reasonable living cost

Well, there are some ideas that the cost of living in Hong Kong is higher like European countries. Yes, it is true to some extent. But for the students, this is partially true.

The living cost in Hong Kong is reasonable for international students. They need to bear the cost like rents, transportation, and food in line with tuition fees.

The cost of living may get a reduction when you are in a university dormitory. The cost is not more than 600 USD. However, it may vary based on your university and location.

But the cost may be around 4,000 USD per year when you are not in the dormitory. This cost is also an estimated one. And it may vary on your location, duration, the habit of expense, and others.


The top universities in Hong Kong for international students


University of Hong Kong

It is one of the leading and old universities in Hong Kong. Also, it is a reputed institution in Asia for its outstanding academic excellence.

A good number of students enroll in the university from around the world, including China mainland. The students have the option to learn using Chinese and English language. So, it is an attractive place for higher studies.

Chinese University of Hong Kong

This particular institution was established in 1963. With its special performance, it has become a prestigious institution in this region.

The leading academicians of the contemporary age are available here. They provide real-life teaching and guidance to students. Consequently, the students shine in their respective lives. The institution has over 100 institutes for research.

Further, many of the local and international figures studied here.

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

If you are a student of science or want to study the discipline, the University of Science and Technology is the best.

The university was established in 1991. But right after the inception, it started showing its excellence. With the strong research and technology wing, it has gained huge popularity.

Alongside science, you can study business as well. The business discipline is also strong in this university. The interdisciplinary model of education makes it a prime destination in Hong Kong.

City University of Hong Kong

When you look for a diversified course, City University here is the perfect one. The university offers courses in science, liberal arts, engineering, and more, including law.

A notable number of students and staff is available here. The institution mostly focuses on research. So, the number of researchers is more here.

The university building is one of the popular attractions in Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Are you a student of applied science? Seeking an institution for higher studies here? The Hong Kong Polytechnic University might be the right one.

Established in 1972, it provides a wide range of courses. The academic courses in the university include applied science. Besides, you will have the option to pursue degrees in business and the environment as well.

Also, there are associate degrees and higher diplomas are available.

So, this was all for today about the destination for higher studies. Hope you get some fresh ideas. You can also check our article to study in Germany and other countries.

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