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Germany has ample options for international students. They can pursue the DAAD Scholarship to get better opportunity in their life and career. The scholarship is mostly for the international students and from the developing countries. Under the programs, the students can study certain specialized subject.

However, the key facts of the DAAD scholarships are not familiar to many of the students. Thereby, we have compiled some of the aspects here to inform them about the grants and other issues.

Hope the descriptions below will help them know the process further and apply accordingly for DAAD Scholarships. Besides, to know more about the fellowships in Germany, click here.

DAAD Scholarship Courses

Under the DAAD program, the students can pursue the courses below.

  • Masters or PhD courses
  • Economics
  • Mathematics
  • Sciences
  • Media Studies
  • Business Administration
  • Political Economics;
  • Engineering and Related Sciences
  • Development Cooperation
  • Regional and Urban Planning
  • Agricultural and Forest Sciences
  • Medicine and Public Health
  • Natural and Environmental Sciences
  • Social Sciences
  • Education and Law

Scholarship/ Grant amount

Under this DAAD program, the enrolled students and researchers will get a fund to continue their studies. For the graduate candidate, the grant amount is 750 euros while it is 1000 euors for the doctoral candidates.

At times, the university authority may also subsidize on some other issues like the living cost, life insurance etc. But it depends on the course and your stay at the country.

Duration of the DAAD scholarship

Usually, the scholarship is awarded for two years (maximum) for the general studies. But when it is awarded to doctoral candidates, the duration is 36 months.


Though there are no age limits to get the scholarship, the applicants have to follow certain standard procedures. They are as below.

  • A bachelor degree: the applicant has to hold at least a bachelor degree in any of the related subject. Other than this, they will not be eligible to apply for the program.
  • Professional experience: the potential applicant must have at least two years of professional experience. The experience should be after completing the bachelor degree.
  • Skills in German language: besides, the applicants have to gain a moderate skill in German language. Unless the applicant is aware of the language, communication would be tough for them. So, the authority wants

Selection process

The selection process for DAAD Scholarship is free and fair. Initially, a pre-selection takes place in the home country of the applicant. So, the applicants have to follow the process of application during the entitled timeframe.

Crossing the barriers of the pre-selection committee, the application will reach to the relevant university in Germany. Finally, the applicant has to appear in to written test and submit necessary documents.

After a certain time, the university authority will inform the candidate if s/ he has been selected or not.

Post-application process

Right after getting selected, the applicant will have to appear in an interview with the authority. The university authority will crosscheck the information and documents. If they find everything is in order, they will ask you for further proceedings. And you can have the chance to attain your goals through the DAAD Scholarship.

To know more about the scholarship, visit this official link.

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