German flag in front of a building

Study in Germany – all you need to know

To study in universities in Germany, you need to know some essential information. The country is considered as the fourth most robust economy in the world. Besides, this is an excellent place for higher education….

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Pen on a notebook

How to write grant application successfully

Of course you want to learn how to write grant application successfully. A grant application or letter is the key to get a grant. It is the beginning. If you do not know how to write…

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Grants in USA

How to get grants in USA for international students

Without a complete grant, this is nearly impossible to complete research work. And when you are a foreign researcher in the USA, you need it most. So, you have to apply for grants to different…

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Graduation certificate and cap

How to get a scholarship for Masters

Higher study abroad is always desirable. Many of the students want to get higher degrees, particularly MA with free scholarships. But there are some misconceptions, and most of them fail. If you want to know…

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Scholarship logo for all

Scholarship in Canada – Best Tips to Apply

Canada is one of the leading countries of the world that provides ample opportunities of scholarships for international students. Many of the students and researchers are conducting their studies and researches in the country under…

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Study in Canada – Best Canadian Scholarships

Canada is one of the top developed countries. The entire environment in the country is stable and people are living in harmony. Living costs in the country is a bit higher but people have no…

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Best scholarships for int’l students in the USA

When it is about higher study, many of the people prefer the United States of America (USA). Do you know why the prefer the country? Well, there are numerous reasons. First of all, this is…

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Five German Scholarships for Int’l Students

Germany is one of the leading countries of the world. The life and living condition in the country attracts a huge crowd of international community. Accordingly, the foreign students also flock here to pursue their…

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How to Write a Motivation Letter for an International Scholarship

The role of a motivational letter is important to get admission to any university or to apply for a scholarship. Unless you are providing the motivational letter, this is almost impossible to get the scholarship….

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How to get a Scholarship?

Scholarships are a very precious gift in a person’s life. Besides, this is a grant to help a student’s education. Moreover, it is also seen as an achievement too for their future growth. Getting into…

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