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Would you like to experience the diversity of computer science in English? You can do this with the degree program Computer Science (CTS). The degree program is aimed at both national and international applicants who want their courses to be taught in English. You may structure your program individually by selecting two focus topics in line with your interests.

The degree program CTS is characterized by its focus on both modern methods for designing software systems and methods for designing processor-supported hardware. Particular consideration is given to aspects of modeling complex technical systems and model-driven software and system development.

In line with international practice for Bachelor’s degree programs, the program can be completed in eight semesters. This gives you the latitude to pursue your own interests in-depth with a total of six elective courses as an integral part of your program. Furthermore, professional command of the German language is one of the fundamental outcomes of this program, so there will be a German language module taking place in each of the first three semesters.

As a seamless further qualification, Ulm University of Applied Sciences additionally offers the Master’s studies in “Information Systems”. This program is also offered in English.

During your studies, additional qualifications can be acquired, a few of which include the following:
1. Data Security Administrator
2. International Business
3. Languages
4. Logistics and Distribution

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Course Details:

Please see:

  1. Eight semesters
  2. Semesters one and two = fundamental studies, semesters three to eight = main studies
  3. You select two special subjects (electives) out of eight, according to your interests.
  4. Internship in the seventh semester
  5. Four German language courses

Enrollment Requirements:

Please see:

How to apply in three steps:

  1. If you have a foreign entrance qualification, you need to apply to the “Studienkolleg Konstanz” for recognition of your certificates. If this recognition is successful, they will give you the certificate we need for your application. This recognition may take some time to be processed; therefore, we encourage you to start the process as soon as possible.
    You can find the application portal of the “Studienkolleg Konstanz” here.
    You can find the required documents here.
    For further questions about the recognition process, please contact the “Studienkolleg Konstanz” via e-mail.
  2. Go to Select “Login to application portal” and register an account. This portal will open each year in April.
  3. Log in and complete your application through Print the application, sign it, and send it to Ulm University of Applied Sciences with the required documentation.

Required documentation

  1. Certificate of your entrance qualification
  2. If you have a foreign entrance qualification: recognition of your certificate by the Studienkolleg Konstanz
  3. Certificate of language proficiency in English (see below)
  4. Completed form regarding your level of German language skills
  5. Statement of purpose (your motivation to study Computer Science at Ulm University of Applied Sciences)
  6. Curriculum Vitae
  7. Photocopy of passport (if applicable)

Teaching Language:


Costs/Tuition Fees:

1,500 EUR

Level/Field(s) of Study:

Bachelor of Science

Language Requirements:

English language skills have to be substantiated, proven by one of the following: Cambridge certificate, IELTS, LCCI, TELC, or TOEFL. Each certificate has to state a minimum level of “B2”.

About the University/Institution:

The Technical University Ulm (THU) stands for a practical study in the Bachelor and Master area with excellent supervision and scientific foundation. It covers a wide range of engineering disciplines, including computer science.

It is an important partner for companies, politics, and society in the region, but it is also internationally positioned with joint programs with numerous foreign partner universities or its own English-language programs.

The THU offers modern engineering content, a look across the region’s borders and additional qualifications in areas such as business and the environment.

Application Deadline:

Applications for the degree programme Computer Science (CTS) at Ulm University of Applied Sciences can be submitted until 15 July. This is the cut-off date. That means applications that are received later or do not contain all of the required documents will not be considered, even if missing the deadline was not your fault. The relevant date is the date when your application reaches the University of Applied Sciences. The date of the postmark is irrelevant. Since your application can only be processed if all of the documentation is complete and submitted by the deadline, we recommend that you apply early so that any questions that may arise can be clarified before the close of the application period.

Apply/Website Link:

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