Social Change Fund United Scholarship: Delve Into the Latest Updates and Reviews

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The experience of studying abroad has a tremendous impact on an individual’s life. Studying abroad is a lifetime memorable adventure where people get an opportunity to enhance their intrapersonal skills. however, studying internationally offers a wider variety of courses, including research options and skill-based training for students. This enhances your horizons and introduces you to a world of new educational opportunities. Moreover, the institutions of the foreign countries acquired an esteemed position in the list of the top-ranked institution of the world. Therefore, many scholars who have an enormous thirst for knowledge are admirers of studying abroad facilities. Grievously, they are impuissant to live their apprised dream due to the insufficiency of finances. With a view to solving this problem, like many other scholarship programs, Social Change Fund United Scholarship Program has also been realized. In this article, I will illustrate this scholarship program to enhance your knowledge.

Brief Overview

Social Change Fund United embarked on its journey in 2020 by philanthropists, entrepreneurs, and NBA superstars Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, and Dwyane Wade to support critical issues impacting the Black community. This particular authority funds the prestigious Social Change Fund United Scholarship program. However, their aim is to finance in and support organizations that are working to liberate Black people and advocate for indigenous people and communities of color through the lens of policy solutions, community representation, and narrative change. Basically, the black people who are being deprived of their educational rights get support from this esteemed scholarship program. To take leverage from more academic scholarship programs of the top-ranked institutions across the globe, kindly visit our official website.

Level of Study: Not Specified.

Value of Scholarship: Approximately $10,015 per year.

Number of Scholarship: 2 winners selected annually. Each student will be awarded $5,007.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Black students who are currently studying or plan to study mental health care, such as psychology, social work or similar, are eligible to apply.
  • Moreover, to be eligible for applying, kindly share your utopian vision for optimal mental health in the Black community; and how mental health care and advocacy can help achieve social justice for communities of color.

Selection Criteria

However, to select the eligible candidates, authority gives prior consideration to-

  • Essay
  • Mental Health
  • Ambition
  • Purpose

Application Deadline: At the early of November per year.

If you are an eligible candidate for this esteemed academic scholarship then you can apply for it by visiting their official website.


So, to summarize the above writing, I would recapitulate that education shows us the importance of hard work and, at the same time, helps us grow and develop. Thus, we are able to shape a better society to live in by respecting rights, laws, and regulations. In this regard, scholarship legitimately enhances the achievement of educational and career goals. The scholarships help to a great extent by lowering the costs of the institution. Moreover, it extricates the number of hours one needs to work throughout their studies. This way, students will be able to continue with their academic achievements swiftly. It will also give them enough time to find an internship. Hence, the above academic scholarship is a great chance to take leverage. Therefore, apply for it without any further delay. If you want your friends to take benefits from it, share this piece of information with them. Happy reading.

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