5 Uncommon European Scholarships for Overseas Applicants: Check the List

5 Uncommon European Scholarships

Almost we all know UK and Germany are the highest widespread study destinations in Europe. Nevertheless, there are lots of less familiar options. In these countries, you can pursue your higher education free of cost through several captivating scholarships. Students often overlook study opportunities in these European countries. Though the living cost is much cheaper than any other major country like the UK.

If you are looking for scholarships in the most popular European countries, we already have written articles on them. You can check out. For example best scholarships in the UK, Germany, Norway, and Sweden. In today’s blog, we bring you 5 uncommon scholarships in Europe that you may not know before. Let’s jump right in!


Ireland Employment-Based Scholarship

Ireland employment-based scholarship postgraduate program offers opportunities for adequately qualified individuals. Generally, this grant awarded to carry out research in any discipline granted by an eligible higher education institution. Postgraduate students of the host institution can apply for a scholarship. They can enroll for both a master’s degree or a Ph.D. The total value of the scholarship is up to a maximum of EUR 24,000.


University of Malta Scholarships

As part of its internationalization program, the University of Malta is seeking to embroil a number of non-EU as well as EEA nationals to study for masters and Ph.D. programs in different areas of study. Commendable students who successfully complete the admission process and who may not have the means to cover full tuition fees will be considered for full or partial fee waivers. A total of hundred scholarships awarded to cover tuition fees as well as living expenses.


Government of Austria IPT Training Scholarships

A limited number of scholarships funded by the government of the Republic of Austria awarded to proficient applicants from developing countries for international civilian peacemaking and peacebuilding training program IPT. The IPT is a practical oriented training program for experts of various professional backgrounds who aim to work as civilians in crisis management and conflict prevention. The scholarships cover in part or full tuition fees and full board accommodation during the training.


Slovak Government National Scholarship Program

Slovak government’s national scholarship program proposed for the support of mobility basically for the Ph.D. scholars, university teachers, researchers, and artists. The Ministry of Education, Science, Research, and Sport of the Slovak Republic fund this award program. This scholarship stays at higher education institutes and research organizations in Slovakia. In addition, the grant intended to cover the international scholarship recipients’ living allowance who willing to have a short stay for research or study purposes.


Czech Government Scholarships

The Czech Ministry of Education Youth and Sports proffers scholarships for developing countries to study at any state university in the Czech Republic. Applications for these scholarships are open to all students from developing countries likewise regions going through a process of political and economic transition. These awards are granted to promote specific full-time bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral study programs. The scholarship covers the necessary expenditures to ensure an enduring study period in the territory.


The pursuit of higher education is an investment for life. Moreover, if higher education can be occupied through scholarships within any attractive atmosphere of a European country, it provides a rare and at the same time a great deal of opportunity for students for both professional and personal development. Most importantly, this ample scope also provides certificates of academic excellence that is extolled worldwide.

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