Universities in Luxembourg: Top 5 Listed

The quality of education at the universities in Luxembourg as well as the academic communities are truly venerated and well-known in Europe. Most of the prestigious universities offer Bachelor’s, Masters and Ph.D. programs to smart, creative, and talented explorers like you.

As Luxembourg is the epicenter of the EU’s international cooperation, higher education at most of the universities in Luxembourg ensures quality education for international students.

In addition, university teachers receive high salaries which is another determinant of the country’s high quality of education. However, in this article, I am going to notify the top 5 universities in Luxembourg. Let’s go through the list.

5. International University of Health, Exercise & Sports (LUNEX University)

LUNEX University is accredited by the Luxembourg Ministry of Higher Education, based on European law. The university is an international private school that focuses on research and teachings on the closely connected areas of health and fitness, sports, therapy, and preventive medicine.

Further, at LUNEX, students can evolve in an international learning environment and be equipped with new approaches and perspectives on the emerging fields of sports and health.

The bachelor and master programs of this university, therefore, meet European standards. The university offers physiotherapy, sport and exercise science, and sports management.

LUNEX vaunt is its academic profile because the students and researchers benefit from the interdisciplinary exchange between their closely connected faculties. Learn more about this university from here.

LUNEX University

4. Sacred Heart University Luxembourg

Sacred Heart University Luxembourg (SHU Luxembourg) is a private business school that offers executive education in Luxembourg City. SHU Luxembourg is the European branch of the American Sacred Heart University.

SHU Luxembourg generally provides a spring semester program as well as short-term courses offered during the summer. With more than 30 years of experience in Luxembourg and a network of more than 700 MBA Alumni, Sacred Heart University Luxembourg offers MBA programs through evening courses.

SHU Luxembourg also offers Graduate Certificates in Digital Management, Leadership, and Private Equity combined with an internship. However, the university wishes to ensure higher education by embracing new challenges.

Sacred Heart University Luxembourg

3. European Business University Luxembourg

The European Business University (EBU) is a non-profit online and on-campus business school. Most of the overseas students of this university come from Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

EBU is dedicated to fulfilling the University’s primary educational mission of sustaining a tradition of academic excellence and ensuring a world-class education. The Research Branch of EBU is The European University of Luxembourg, Sàrl, a Ministry of Economy accredited research institute.

Moreover, EBU will strive to become the benchmark of world-class quality education by drawing on the talents of staff and faculty of women and men from transcultural backgrounds. EBU is dedicated to meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals through quality education.

European Business University Luxembourg

2. European Institute of Public Administration

With the principal mission of providing deep insights and practical knowledge about EU policies related to EU public affairs, the European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA) was inaugurated in 1981.

For almost 40 years, EIPA has been leading learning and development in EU public affairs remarkably. In addition, the institution is supported by the EU Member States and the European Commission.

This academic organization is a combination of network and the expert’s experience. They enable cross-national and cross-institutional comparative, analytical perspectives on EU policies, which, along with their problem-solving approach. This method makes them one of the longest-standing experts in EU public affairs.

European Institute of Public Administration

1. University of Luxembourg

The University of Luxembourg (UL) is a polyglot state research university with interdisciplinary traits. The university offers many bilingual and multilingual study programs in French, English, and German. Nevertheless, several master’s courses and doctoral schools taught entirely in English.

The university claims it aims to position the country as a knowledge-based society. After initiating in 2003, the university has already built a reputation of being among the best young universities in the world. Moreover, UL ranked 12th according to Times Higher Young University Rankings in 2020, and 200-250th in the Times Higher World University Rankings 2020. Read more about the university from here.

University of Luxembourg

To reiterate, it can be said that the social and cultural environment in Luxembourg is not only conducive to new foreign students but also makes learning much easier. If Europe is your only preference as a destination for higher studies, you can apply for one of the top 5 universities mentioned above.

However, visit this website regularly to get information about universities as well as scholarships in other developed countries. Happy reading 🙂

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