Top 5 Universities In Albania – Inquire Current Reviews & Rank Positions

Universities In Albania

Albania is one of the countries with the highest proportion of higher education students in southern Europe. Despite having limited access to higher education institutions and due to limited funding and poor infrastructure, Albania has achieved high levels of student enrolment in public universities in recent years. However, in this article, we have listed the top 5 current universities in Albania according to student reviews and world rank position.

European Union (EU) Programmes

Albania signed the European Union (EU) Erasmus Mundus program. The sates is one of the 115 countries participating in its Lifelong Learning Programme to contribute to human resource development. Additionally, The country is obligated by rules offered under this program which seeks to introduce change into the academic institutions for students. Besides, the region develops learning policies that encourage lifelong learning, extends opportunities for intellectual exchange between students, academics, and universities within the EU through international mobility agreements with partner institutions around Europe. Then, Let’s delve into the latest information of the top 5 universities in Albania.


Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

The establishment year of Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences is 1881. This university is famous because Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (ACPHS) is a private, independent institution with a long tradition of academic and research excellence. ACPHS was named the #1 value-added college in the country by the Wall Street Journal and the Brookings Institution. There are 1,408 students in this university. The campus size is 35 acres and utilizes a semester-based academic calendar. Furthermore, This university’s present rank position is 5513 in the world.


Albany Law School

Albany Law School inaugurated its academic journey in 1851. This law school is among the best law schools in the nation, “Producing practice-ready business lawyers,” according to preLaw Magazine. The university’s present student enrollment is about 354. In addition, the admission rate is 80%, with an acceptance rate of 14%. This university has a campus size of 24 acres, with administration in two locations: Albany, NY, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. At present, the rank place of Albany Law School is 3218 in the world.


Sage College of Albany

Sage College of Albany was founded in 2002. The Sage Colleges is an independent comprehensive university delivering degrees in 71 major areas of study through three free-standing colleges. It offered bachelor’s degrees, with the largest programs being Visual Arts. Russell Sage College has a total undergraduate enrollment of 1,287 with a gender distribution of 22% male students and 78% female students. Moreover, there are 349 Master’s degree students, and 272 doctoral students. Sage College of Albany’s updated global rank position is 2579.


Albany Medical College

Albany Medical College was established in 1839. This university is famous because it is one of the largest teaching hospitals in New York State offers a wide range of outstanding clinical care – from routine preventative care to sophisticated cancer and surgical care to life-saving emergency medicine. There are 566 students in this university. Albany Medical College has 4 departments. Furthermore, according to U.S. News & World Report, Albany Medical College is one of the best medical colleges in New York State as well as Best Medicine Schools by “U.S Health” magazine. Moreover, the present world rank position of this medical college is 1197.


University at Albany

University at Albany was established on May 7, 1844. UAlbany is ranked among the top universities in Forbes’ “America’s Best Public Colleges,” and the U.S. and that’s why this university is famous. Currently, there are about 17,280 international students in this university. This university has 21 departments. Further, this university is also famous because it provides its students with a pleasant learning environment. All of the faculty members are very worthwhile and respectable. University at Albany is ranked 251 in the world presently. Further, to learn more about this academic institution, take a virtual tour here.


Which university is considered the best for medicine in Albania?

The best university for medicine in Albania is the University of Tirana. It has the highest number of medical graduates out of all other universities in Albania.

Which Albanian university is considered the best for business management?

The best Albanian university for business management is the University of New York Tirana. Moreover, It has been ranked 304th by the QS Top Universities World Ranking System.

Is any university free in Albania?

There are a few universities that offer free education to students in Albania through several awards and government grants. Such as University College Bedër Scholarships, Tirana Business University Scholarship, University of New York Tirana Scholarships, etc.

How much does university cost in Albania?

Tuition fees in Albania are different for each university, depending on the level of study, course of study, and university. The approximate tuition fee for a Bachelor’s degree ranges from $180 to about $4,450 per year.

Are there a lot of Albanians in New York?

The Albanian-American community is the largest in New York City. They are also dominant because of their numbers there.


Top-quality universities, for example, those with a lot of international students and the best lecturers and facilities, are always in demand. So if you’re looking to study abroad at an excellent university that will ameliorate your career and help you to grow as a qualified person. Then, consider no further than these top 5 universities in Albania.

The above-mentioned shortlisted universities in Albania offer excellent and top-notch education. They provide students with the opportunity to study at the highest level of academic excellence. Moreover, these educational institutions also help their students to develop as future leaders and professionals by providing them with skills such as critical thinking, communication, leadership, and management that will be valuable for a lifetime.

However, if you find this writing helpful and informative enough then do share it with your friends and family. For later updates regarding top universities and scholarships of different developed counties, stay tuned with us. Happy reading.

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