Study in France – scholarships you need to check in 2020

Eiffel tower

Want to study in France?

Well, that’s an excellent idea. Picture yourself walking down the streets of the medieval cities towards your university. Or passing an idle evening beside the beaches of the Mediterranean.

Visiting museums in your leisure hours would be another plus, while you can enjoy the foods and beverages.

Everything can happen in your life if you get undergraduate scholarships in France for international students.


Feeling interested?

France is the country of ample opportunity. You are to grab those options for a better career path and success.

In this post, I will share some important and necessary scholarship information about higher study in France. Let’s check them out here.



Types of scholarships

Usually, there are three types of scholarships available in France. They are:

  • Government scholarships
  • Non-government scholarships
  • University scholarships

It would be better if we check the most prominent scholarships. In fact, it will help us to get the right decision to study in France.

Here they are.

Government Scholarships in France


# Eiffel Scholarship Program of Excellence

This is a government scholarship in France. The French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs established the program. The non-French citizens can avail the scholarship. But there is an age limit.

You must be under or within 30 years of age to apply for it.

Under the program, anyone can have their PhDs in different subjects.

# Erasmus +

Erasmus + is one of the leading scholarships that the European Commission provides. Under the scholarship, the successful applicants will get a smart amount of fund. The fund covers the living cost, tuition fees and other costs.

Moreover, under this program, the applicant can participate in the exchange system. The system is applicable to European countries only.

# The Chateaubriand Fellowship

It is the other government awarded scholarship program in France. But this is applicable mostly for the US students. The scholarship will provide funds to complete fellowships. And if you are a PhD student, it will suit you the best.

Under the program, a successful candidate will get a monthly allowance from the authorities. The amount of allowance is over 1,200 US dollars. Moreover, if you are a candidate, you will have a roundtrip travelling ticket. Besides, it covers health insurance as well.


Non-Government scholarships in France


# Fullbright Scholarship

If you are a fresh graduate and willing to pursue higher study in France, it is for you. The scholarship will allow you to complete your MA or PhD at any of the universities in France. Or you can also get enrolled in other similar category educational institutions.

But this is a bit competitive program. Only 20 grants are available each year. The fund is also available in a limited scale. You will have the funds for up to 10 months to study in France.


The CSLA stands for Civil Society Leadership Awards. If you want to pursue social development discipline as your career, this is the right program for you.

Under this program, you can pursue your MA degree. But you must own some characteristics like devotion to your community, and intention to make social change.


Other scholarships to study in France


# Stephen M. Kellen Scholarship

This is an annual scholarship worth $6,000. The successful applicant will have this amount of fund each year to continue the study under this program. And this is a two-year program.

The selection process is a bit complex. You need to have outstanding academic skills and expertise to appear in the selection process.

# ENS International Selection Scholarships

Annually, this scholarship provides 20 grants to students from Science, Arts and Humanities discipline. Under the program, the students can pursue their MA degree or other similar diplomas.

There is an age limit too. It’s 25. And also, you should not be a resident of France.

Under the program, a student will have 1000 Euros in a month. And it will continue for the next three years.

To know more about the scholarships in France, you can check here.

Or, you can browse the other similar scholarships in Germany, USA, UK, Australia in this site.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts and ideas on the comment box below. Also, you can suggest us the other scholarships that can benefit the readers as well.


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