Schooling in Canada: Learn the Basic Ideas about the System

Schooling in Canada

Millions of students from around the world come to study in Canada. In 2020, over six and a half million came to study in Canada. These students are enriching the Canadian economy. In addition, many have studied and settled in Canada. For several years, Canada has been providing ample opportunities for students to study at their universities and colleges as well as schools. A plethora of pupil from around the world is coming to Canada because of these scopes. Nevertheless, you have to keep in mind that if you are not financially enriched, you can not afford Canadian education expenses. Through this article, readers are going to learn basic but comprehensive ideas about schooling in Canada. Let’s get started.

Canadian School Education System

The quality of education in Canadian schools is much improved. In many provinces, there are no annual examinations until Class Seven. There is no pressure to go home and study after school. At least you don’t have to take any books to grade seven schools. The schools have huge gyms, libraries, outdoor tours, various sports facilities. In addition to teaching in schools, music, theater, art, swimming, cooking, electric and woodwork, various computer programs, driving, etc. are taught. As soon as a child gets up to class 12, he/she learns almost everything.

How to Start

Go to the official immigration website of Canada and search for ‘Studying in Canada as a minor’ and you will get all the information. Canadian schools are under the provincial government. Each province has a separate school division. Contact the province you want to send your child to. Receive an offer letter from that school division to apply for a child’s visa. There are minor age differences in 10 Canadian provinces and 3 territories. 18 years in some places 19 years in others.

What to Do

Since your child is under 18 or 19, you cannot send him or her alone. Your child will first receive a one-year visa. The visa will have to be renewed as soon as the study continues. Either you or your spouse should come with the baby. If you want, both of you can come. Whoever comes with him will come on a visit visa. That’s why you need to get a separate visit visa to Canada. This visa can be valid for five years. Anyone coming on this visa cannot stay in Canada for more than six consecutive months. I have to come back to Canada after six months.

In Canada, since you or your spouse will not be in Canada all the time, someone in Canada will need a custodian. He must be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada. In the area where he lives, your child must go to school in that province and near his home. That means if he lives in the province of Ontario, he has to teach there. When looking for a custodian, give priority to your relatives or friends.

If you can’t find it, many people in Canada become custodians in exchange for money. They have to find out. If the child’s parents are not around, the child must be in the custodian’s home because he or she is a child. Since the custodian will officially take care of your child, he has all the responsibility for the child. That means he is obliged to take care of your child under Canadian law. Since the custodian will take care of your child, In other words, he will take care of everything in the school including accommodation, that is why he has to pay.

Probable Cost

In Canada, children of citizens or permanent residents are free to study up to class 12. But those who come to study from outside Canada have to bear their own costs. The tuition fee for students from other countries in the province may be around one thousand Canadian dollars per month. The person who will be the custodian, since he will be in charge of everything including his living, will have to pay you at least C 1,500 a month. Apart from that, you have to buy insurance for about 200 Canadian dollars per month for treatment. And there are other incidental costs. If you or your spouse want to stay with the child all the time, it will cost about three thousand Canadian dollars per month for schooling and other expenses, excluding school expenses.

Many people want to know Can parents come and work in Canada? The answer is if they come on a visit visa with their child, they will not be allowed to work in any way. If anyone thinks that coming to Canada with a child will earn you money by working or doing business, it will not be possible. Nevertheless, their child will automatically receive a work permit after coming to Canada to study. Apart from that, if he is 18 years old, he will be able to do a part-time job as a student. After completing studies (at least 12 classes) after 6 months full-time job can apply for permanent resident. The child can easily become a Canadian citizen within three years.


If you can’t afford to spend more than 3,500 CAD per month excluding round trip expenses, don’t worry about sending a child. Winning a scholarship is a different matter but with the child that you will come on a visit visa, you will not be able to earn Canadian dollars. So, you have to remember parents living costs as well. Many fraudsters in many countries may tell you that you can afford to go to Canada to work and pay for your child’s education, but this is not true. Therefore, be meticulous before taking a final decision. Canada is a paragon place for education undoubtedly but think about the cost and do plans according to it. Good luck!

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