Pelipost Overcoming Adversity Scholarship: Check out the Updated Facts and Figures

Pelipost Scholarship

Students develop a better understanding of their own personal and professional values while studying abroad. This puts them in better stead to choose a career that is likely to yield job satisfaction. In a new environment, students may discover new fields of interest which lead them to more fulfilling career paths. This is valid if the subjects pursued during semesters abroad as part of university policy affords greater flexibility. In a study spanning 50 years conducted by IES Abroad, 62% of respondents said: “Studying abroad ignited an interest in a career direction pursued after the experience”. Hence, for enhanced career prospects, students prominently prioritize studying abroad. Unfortunately, due to having incarcerated parents, many scholars can’t live their enshrined dream. Astoundingly, Pelipost Overcoming Adversity Scholarship Program is here with a solution to solve this problem. In this article, I am going to illustrate this exalted scholarship program to enhance your knowledge.

Brief Overview

The ‘Pelipost Overcoming Adversity Scholarship,’ is led by Joe and Becky Calderon. It was created to empower and reward high school/undergraduate students seeking a college education while overcoming the challenges of having an incarcerated parent/guardian. The students whose parents are in prison cannot receive an appropriate education due to financial crises. As Joe had to overcome the same problem, so, he decided to extend his hand of support financially to all those students. This enables the students to go ahead in order to develop a bestselling career. To have further knowledge regarding this prestigious scholarship, visit this website.

Level of Study: Undergraduate.

Value of Scholarship: About $10,000 per year.

Number of Scholarship: 5 winners.

Eligibility Criteria

To be an eligible candidate of the Pelipost Overcoming Adversity Scholarship Program, you must-

  • Be a U.S. Citizen.
  • Be a high school graduate or undergraduate student pursuing a college degree.
  • Submit an Essay (300-750 words) and share- 1) How has your loved one’s incarceration impacted your life, education and future goals? 2) How are you overcoming adversity through this experience?

Selection Criteria

While selecting the winners of this esteemed scholarship, prior consideration is given to the following components-

  • Essay.
  • Incarceration.
  • Ambition.
  • Reflection.

Application Deadline: Early January each year.

To apply for the Pelipost Overcoming Adversity Scholarship Program, click here.

Final Verdict

To summarize the above writing, I would like to state that scholarships are financial aid awards designed to help students pay their tuition fees and other constitutional needs. Scholarships provide an opportunity for students to acquire education. By removing financial barriers, scholarships impact the ease of following and achieving education and career goals. Without assistance from an outside source, students may face difficulties paying for the education fee. Only the students with the highest potential academic achievements gain a scholarship. Hence, receiving education with a scholarship is really a matter of great esteem. Therefore, if you are an eligible candidate for this prestigious scholarship, apply for it without any further delay. On the other hand, you can delve into other scholarship opportunities by wandering this site and apply accordingly. All the very best.

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