MSc in Landscape Architecture at University of Copenhagen (UCPH), Denmark

University of Copenhagen (UCPH) 2 Years
Denmark Full Time
Master (2 years) of Science in Landscape Architecture Onsite

As a landscape architect and urban planner, you have many exciting career opportunities. You can, for example, work with developing specific plans for new urban spaces and areas, harbor transformations, etc. at a private architectural firm.

Or you can work in the public sector as, for example, nature manager, parks officer, or city planner in charge of developing parks and green areas.

Many landscape architects and urban planners also start their own businesses, where they handle development, design, and management tasks for private individuals, companies, and public authorities.

Finally, quite a few landscape architects and urban planners work within communication, research, or teaching.

Further Information

Read more about the MSc program in Landscape Architecture at the University of Copenhagen.

Watch a video about studying Landscape Architecture at the University of Copenhagen.

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Information from the Danish Agency for Higher Education can be located at

You will find information about the Danish assessment of foreign qualifications in Guide to diploma recognition

About the Educational System in general visit the section The Danish Higher Education System

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Course Details:

As an MSc in Landscape Architecture and urban design, you shape the future urban environments and housing areas, parks, and landscapes, so that they provide excellent human and natural settings for many years to come.

During the two-year MSc program in Landscape Architecture, you work with design, planning, and analysis, in order to create attractive, varied, and sustainable urban areas and landscapes that people use actively and bring to life.

When studying for an MSc in Landscape Architecture, you specialize in landscape planning, green space management, or urban design. Within these fields you learn to undertake programming, planning, design, and management at local and regional scales, developing competencies in architectural method, natural and social sciences.

As a landscape architect, you are trained as a highly-skilled project manager who is able to handle complex and unpredictable work situations that often require new solution models. Thus you will achieve a high level of professionalism which will benefit your future career as a landscape architect.

Enrollment Requirements:

To be admitted to the MSc program in Landscape Architecture, you will need to have completed a Bachelor’s degree that includes specific courses and subjects. See the specific admission requirements

Teaching Language:


Costs/Tuition Fees:

7300 EUR

Level/Field(s) of Study:


Language Requirements:

In addition, documentation may be required verifying that your proficiency in English is at a specified level. Read about the language requirements of the University of Copenhagen.

To find out whether the level of your foreign certificate or diploma satisfies the general entry requirements, you should contact the Faculty of Science at the University of Copenhagen directly. Please write to .

The application takes place through an online application portal. To find out how and when to apply, see this page.

About the University/Institution:

The University of Copenhagen (UCPH) has four campus areas located in Denmark’s capital city. The University is the largest educational institution in Denmark and consists of eight faculties that combined offer over 200 academic programs for study in health sciences, humanities, law, life sciences, pharmaceutical sciences, natural sciences, social sciences, and theology.

Application Deadline:

Application date: Mar 01
Start date: Sep 01
Application date: Jan 15
Start date: Sep 01

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