MSc in Applied Computer at Deggendorf Institute of Technology, Germany

Deggendorf Institute of Technology 2 Semesters
Gernamy Full Time
Master of Science (MSc) Onsite

The Master of Applied Computer Science program teaches students advanced theoretical and practical knowledge in the areas of computer science and electronics, which form the basis for developing complex embedded systems.

In addition, IT security plays an essential role in the program and is bolstered by our very own cybersecurity institute.

From the first semester onward, our students not only gain theoretical expertise but also acquire hands-on, application-oriented training. Our 20+ in-house laboratories, our additional tech campuses, our partnerships with private industries, and our involvement in a variety of research projects allow our student’s ample opportunities and choices to work with real and current challenges in the design, testing, research, and development of embedded systems while paying attention to increasingly important security aspects.

Students are not only able to work on real issues, but many of our courses center around project work, giving students the opportunity to tinker with ideas with the constructive support of our dedicated professors. Thinking outside the box is encouraged!

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Course Details:


Three semesters:
Semesters one and two: theory and practical seminars
Semester three: thesis

All courses are credited with ECTS credit points (European Credit Transfer System).
After having successfully completed the program, students will be awarded the academic degree Master of Science (MSc).
The MSc degree formally entitles students to pursue doctoral studies.


Enrollment Requirements:


  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or a similar field
  • Admission test


Teaching Language:


Costs/Tuition Fees:

Free Of Cost

Level/Field(s) of Study:


Degree Level:


Language Requirements:

Please find the language requirements for this degree course here:

About the University/Institution:


15 April – 15 July for October entries (winter semester)

15 November – 15 January for March entries (summer semester)


Application Deadline:


15 April – 15 July for October entries (winter semester)

15 November – 15 January for March entries (summer semester)


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