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Aren’t we all familiar with those situations when devices or software applications leave us annoyed because they are far more difficult to use than they should be? Luckily, times are changing. The industry is well aware of the fact that the success of its products depends now more than ever on user-friendliness. There even is a catchphrase for products that work better for their users: usability.

Successful, innovative products have to be tailored to the needs of businesses and users. They have to meet their stringent demands for quality and efficiency and must adapt to ever-changing work conditions, tasks and work-flows. Developing these kinds of complex products requires specialists with diverse, interdisciplinary skills who can strategically contribute to every step of the development and design process.

Our Master’s degree program is taught in English and imparts precisely that type of skill set; one which is highly prized in industry and academia as it relies not only on strategic and methodical knowledge but also equips you with the practical skills to implement your ideas across a broad range of applications. A very important part of your studies is therefore based on understanding and using interdisciplinary approaches.

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Course Details:

This course is a three-semester Master’s degree program. The first two semesters will provide you with the theoretical and practical foundation vital to your future career. Course modules have been designed to enhance and consolidate your knowledge and skills in key subject areas. Practical training courses and interdisciplinary projects based on real-world issues will help you to advance your key qualifications and gain additional interpersonal and social skills. You will develop substantial skills in areas of human factors, psychology, and intercultural management as well as in the fields of usability analysis techniques, visualization and the strategic implementation of usability methods.
We produce graduates who are able to apply and establish their skills and knowledge in various kinds of operational structures. This is why we are especially committed to the development of additional competencies in the fields of strategic management, usability consulting and targeted communication.

Enrollment Requirements:


Our Master’s degree program has been designed for computer scientists, psychologists, and designers with experience in software application who would like to advance their subject-specific skills and knowledge by becoming experts in the field of usability engineering.

The formal entry requirements for the Usability Engineering, MSc program are:

  1. proof of a completed undergraduate degree (BSc, BA, German “Diplom” or equivalent) in a discipline closely related to psychology, computer science or design
  2. an overall mark of at least 2.5 in your undergraduate degree
  3. A minimum of 210 credit points or ideally seven semesters of full-time study; applicants who have got less than 210 credit points when starting their Master’s degree programs have to achieve the missing credit points by passing suitable examinations in modules of other degree programs.

Please find more information on our website:


Teaching Language:


Costs/Tuition Fees:

Free of Cost

Level/Field(s) of Study:

Master of Science

Language Requirements:


Please note that for this degree program, English language skills at level C1 according to the Common European Framework of Reference are required. Please be aware that all applicants’ test report form numbers will be checked. We will accept the following certificates:

  1. IELTS: level CEFR C1 or better
  2. TOEFL: level CEFR C1 or better

The TOEFL code of our university: 6962


About the University/Institution:

Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences, with two campus locations in Kleve and Kamp-Lintfort and over 7,300 students, is an innovative, interdisciplinary, and international university of applied sciences. The university currently offers 36 undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs in engineering, the natural and social sciences, technology, design, and more.

Application Deadline:

All applicants: 15 July for the following winter semester
All applicants: 15 January for the following summer semester

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