Get an edge on the job market, with an internationally recognized degree  

Despite concerns about a recession, the job market is still “red hot,” as the Great Resignation is still in full force. Workers are still benefiting from a strong job market that is characterised by minimal layoffs, many available positions, and a high percentage of voluntary departures.

With more job offers and higher compensation, the employment market for recent college grads is at its best in years. Since greater education enables people to develop their abilities with the goal of obtaining better employment in the future, highly educated individuals are far more likely to be find employment than someone who is less educated.

It will help your job search if you choose a degree that is trendy and that will pique your interest even after graduation. Nearly every degree area, from business to social sciences, has positions available with a salary that is higher than it was the previous year. Of course, this does not imply that everyone is having an easy time finding work. Even in this economy, prospects differ greatly based on industry, skill level, and competencies.

Begin your path to a truly international degree 
In pursuing advanced education, workers can expect to be better prepared for the labour market. Without much delay, they may be able to find a good job. Regardless of your background, IU International University of Applied Sciences provides high-quality education.

It is the mission of IU to create education that is inclusive, global, and accessible to all. IU already offers a top online learning experience, full-time, part-time distance learning models, and fully online exams, as well as the chance to study on campus in Germany. Since its inception in 1998, IU has placed a high priority on international education. Through flexible online learning models, students from Europe, Africa, India, and beyond have gained an internationally recognised education and a strong start in the working world. 

IU celebrated reaching over 100,000 students as Germany’s largest university this year. Through its competitive scholarships, IU ensures equal opportunities for students around the world. IU offers up-to-date study programmes taught by professors with at least three years’ professional industry experience. You can choose from a variety of degree programmes at IU, whether you are interested in Human Resources, Finance, Business Intelligence, Entrepreneurship, or reputable STEM fields like IT, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, or any other. You will be able to choose from a wide array of degree programs that will help you succeed and prepare you for a successful career.  

With the demand for science, technology, engineering, and math workers continuing to rise, STEM degree holders are expected to earn the most overall. There are several of these programmes at IU that offer hands-on, case-study-based education. This allows students to acquire in-demand skills and relevant knowledge needed in the job market, preparing them for successful STEM careers. With IU’s innovative study programmes and learning tools, you can develop a balance of technical and soft skills that employers value. 

No matter how unconventional the road is, IU will help you reach your ambition 
At IU, you’ll gain the skills you’ll need to stand out, whether you’re looking for the job of your dreams, considering a career change, or unsure what to do next. Thanks to IU’s partnership with Cambridge University, students can now begin their academic journey toward a Bachelor’s degree at an accredited German institution more easily. Both IU’s top-rated study programmes and Cambridge’s world-class qualifications are globally recognised, providing students with the qualifications they need to succeed in life.

Additionally, you’ll get access to cutting-edge study tools, a free German language course, and regular assistance from study coaches, advisers, and support personnel. The university’s numerous outstanding international accreditations and memberships—including FIBAA, CHE, German Education Council, WES, and many others—create an environment that is dedicated to the success of foreign students.

The QS 5 stars award, which gives us five out of a possible five points for our track record and the quality of our online degrees, attests to our commitment to providing high-quality online education as well as inclusive services and support for students. IU allows you the freedom to study whenever and wherever you choose, with complete assistance when you need it the most.

Join IU now and take a step towards a bright future. Take advantage of the free 4-week trial and save up to 75%!

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