International Association for Intelligence Education Scholarship: Facts & Figures to Know

International Association for Intelligence Education Scholarship

It is a matter of veneration to study with a scholarship. Fortune has to favor as well to win a scholarship. However, many meritorious students are unable to complete the scholarship application process due to a dearth of adequate information and proper guidelines. As a result, they are deprived of many great opportunities. So there is a need for proper guidance while applying for the scholarship. This article will explain the details of a prestigious scholarship. The name of the scholarship is International Association for Intelligence Education Scholarship. Let us know about it.

Brief Overview

The Lint Center for National Security Studies, a non-profit organization is the provider of this scholarship. The organization dedicated to the educational development of the next generation of America’s Counterintelligence, National Security Workers, and the International Association for Intelligence Education (IAFIE). The International Association for Intelligence Education (IAFIE) constituted in 2004 as a result of a gathering of sixty-plus intelligence studies trainers and educators at the Sixth Annual International Colloquium on Intelligence at Mercyhurst College in Erie, Pennsylvania. Further, the organization is now a strong international association, with hundreds of members and dozens of institutions supporting it through their membership.

Purpose: This scholarship is for intelligence professionals and personnel desiring to build a career in the intelligence field.

How to Apply?

Firstly, applicants have to submit an easy. This essay should describe one’s affiliation with the intelligence career field or how they will work towards the goal.  Scholarship seekers have to prepare a 600 to 800-word essay fully explaining one of the goals or concepts of The Lint Center for National Security Studies blending with their own words. Secondly, an online application has to be filled up and a personal statement has to be attached along with the application form and that written essay. Finally, the winner will receive a mentor in the intelligence career field.

Application deadline: Early January every year.

Award amount:

International Association for Intelligence Education Scholarship will award $1,500 to the winning applicant to collaborate with tuition and other educational costs. Nevertheless, accommodation allowance is not included with the award amount.

Required Documents

If your application is accepted, you are supposed to provide full scholarship materials which are substantial. The required documents consist of the following:

  • Photograph
  • Filled out the scholarship application
  • Current resume
  • Proof of acceptance and enrollment at an accredited four-year college or university
  • University academic transcript including cumulative GPA
  • Copies of special academic awards or awards in general
  • Two Faculty/Supervisor recommendation letters with their contact information
  • National Security Essay
  • Personal Essay
  • Lint Center Virtual Archive for National Security contribution essay

However, for more information, you can take a glance at the scholarship provider’s website. If you consider yourself as a potential candidate for this scholarship arrange your documents from now. Do not hurry at the edge of the deadline. Moreover, if you are looking for other renowned scholarships from famous universities, you can stay tuned with this website. Best wishes for your resounding success.

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