How I got 7.0 in IELTS (Best Tricks & Tips)

how to get 7 in IELTS

Studying abroad has always been one of my few ambitions for which I was ready to give my utmost effort! But the doorway to moving abroad is IELTS. After putting in a lot of effort, I managed to get an overall band of 7 in IELTS. Today I will be sharing with you how I got seven in IELTS. Let’s dive in!


IELTS is a standardized test, standing for ‘International English Language Testing System’. Basically, IELTS tests people’s English proficiency by measuring the four skills (Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking).

My journey

So, coming to my journey. I had never been that good in English during my school days. Because my schooling was in a religious institute where learning English is the least encouraging subject. However, I was able to develop a keen interest in learning English language over time.

Finally, after a continues effort of two years in developing English, I took IELTS in March 2020. But I started preparing for IELTS passively ever since one of my friends told me about IELTS in 2017.
Now let me share with you how I used to feel about each module of IELTS.



First of all, I want to talk about Speaking. Well, speaking was the scariest module for me. IELTS speaking consists of three parts. Moreover, the whole speaking test lasts about 11 to 14 minutes. When I started, I could not even speak a single word without hesitation and grammar mistake. On top of that I was a very introverted person, meaning I could not even practice with others.

Later, I watched videos on how I should approach the speaking module, and I tried many approaches to better my speaking. Some of the techniques include speaking English with friends daily, watching English content, listening to podcasts, and going through the previous speaking questions. But the most effective strategy that boosted my performance was the recording method. I used to collect some recent speaking cue cards and record my speech on those topics. This recording of my voice helps me understand my weaknesses and work on them wholeheartedly. My major problem was my long break in between sentences.

Later on, I figured out the problem through this recording approach, and I fill the gap using filler words like well, you know, and so forth. By the way, I scored 7.5 in the speaking module.



Reading is by far the trickiest section in IELTS. In IELTS Reading, there are three passages with 40 questions. Answering forty questions in just one hour does really requires your previous reading habit. My struggle was finishing the module on time.

At times, I was not able to answer all the questions within one hour. Then I realized, there is no better alternative or better strategy to improve reading scores except practicing as much as possible. I started giving reading tests regularly for two consecutive weeks. In these weeks, I ruthlessly gave timed tests. I followed strategies like skimming, scanning, and reading the questions first, and so on. Moreover, I forced myself to speed read every passage.

Finally, I ended up getting 6.5 in the reading section.



Among these four modules in IELTS, writing module was my favorite one. I have always loved writing, as it allows me to rant about things that I usually cannot open up to someone.

Starting off, IELTS writing has two tasks, namely, task one and task two. But task two is worth the double marks of task one. In task one, students write a report on a piece of given graphical information. This task includes graph and bar charts, table and maps, etc.

They need to answer within twenty minutes. But in task two, students are given a topic on which they should write a well-developed essay within forty minutes. As I have mentioned earlier, I have a knack for writing that helped me crack this module.

Especially, I followed a website called IELTS ADVANTAGE from the very start. All the strategies presented on the website are really simple yet helpful. If you can work through all those simple tips, mark my word. You are going to reach your target score. By the way, I was able to score 7 in writing.



I was not really worried about the listening part. Because I have been a movie and series lover since my school days. This habit helped me build up listening muscle. Many of my relatives told me scoring high in listening is the easiest. But I realized this statement is not entirely true down the line. Because I was struggling to concentrate on the listening test all the way from start to end.

So, I think if you want to score high in that particular section. Not only do you have to increase the listening skill, but also you have to take care of concentration. To better my focus, you should not focus on any missing answer, meaning if you cannot catch any answer, without wasting time you should focus on the next question.

That’s all about my journey to getting seven in IELTS. If you ask me what impact IELTS has on my goal, I will say ‘huge’. Now i can easily move to my favorite country Germany! To know more about education in UK, Germany, Canada and more, click the link. Happy learning!

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