Five German Scholarships for Int’l Students

Germany is one of the leading countries of the world. The life and living condition in the country attracts a huge crowd of international community. Accordingly, the foreign students also flock here to pursue their higher studies. The scholarships that they have here belong to top class. There are several options for graduate and undergraduate courses. But the universities and educational institutions also provide funding for research other works to a minor scale. But in that case, the candidates have to be skilled and have to apply accordingly.

The scholarships also cover some of the basic needs of the international students. The coverage includes tuition fees, living costs and others. To some points, the students are to pay a minor amount of fees to the universities in every semester. When you are planning to pursue a degree of a different track, you are to pay for the courses. There would be no provision of scholarships.

However, many of the potential applicants do not have the broad idea about the scholarships and their features. So, five of the best German scholarships are explained here. They will guide the applicants to have the one that suits them most.

The DAAD Scholarships

Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst German Academic Exchange Service, also known as the DAAD, is a potential scholarship program in Germany. Remember, being the largest financial organization, the DAAD provides scholarship to international student. If you want to pursue an MA degree, you can have this scholarship. Particularly the students of Arts get the privilege here.
To get the DAAD scholarship, the applicants have to go through certain aspects. First of all, they have to apply properly. Following the deadline, they need to apply for the program. Make sure as an applicant, you have prepared the application papers rightly to meet the needs. A pre-selection committee takes care of the selection process. They assess the applications on certain criteria and select the potential candidate.
However, knowing the German language is a must to apply for this scholarship. Besides, the selected applicants will get a monthly grant from the authority under this scholarship. In some cases, the DAAD also provides some other types of payments as well to the applicants.

The Deutschlandstipendium

This is another impressive scholarship program in Germany. The program is based on the public private institution. Though this is a national program of the German government, private institutions also participate here. As a result, the number of students getting this scholarship is more than the other programs. The scholarship aims to facilitate the talented students in their higher studies.
The scholarship provides 300 EUR a month for each of the students to meet all of their costs. Besides, the students can also take part in some other programs which increase their real-life skills. The scholarship funds are provided after getting support from different entities like business organization, universities among others. To know more about the scholarship, you can check this site.
Application process is similar like the other scholarship application. But before you apply, you have to match with their requirements. In the case of financial aid from the authority, you have to prove your worth. And the funding continues upon the availability of the fund.

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung

Not only the government and private organization, the political foundations are not lagging in the race. Despite being a political foundation, the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung offers scholarships for international students. Alongside the international pupils, they also provide financial aid to the local German students as well. The sole aim of the scholarship is to bring awareness among the students about the country and spreading awareness about politics. The students who get this private scholarship feel themselves lucky for the benefits.
The scholarship has a provision to provide up to 1000 EUR for each of the students for every month. However, not everyone is eligible for the stipend unless they can prove their worth. If you want to know to get the complete scholarship, go through this article here. The stipend coverage includes the tuition fees, enrollment fees, insurance for health. Besides, you also will get the facility to get your monthly study materials and other objects under this program.
To apply for the scholarship, you have to know the application deadline. Filling in the forms, you can apply to the authority. If the selection committee is satisfied with your documents and former academic background, they will award you the scholarship.

Humboldt Research Fellowships

When you are seeking option to have your postdoctoral research, this could be a potential solution. The Humboldt Research Fellowships are for those who are seeking such options. Basically, this is applicable for scientists and scholars of other genres who need deep studies and research. Many of the low-income countries are unable to bear the expanding costs of postdoctoral researches. Under this program, the researchers will get certain benefits and features. Besides, they will also have a smart amount as grant to conduct their researches.
To apply for the program, you are to know the sector where you are applying for. There are specific sectors for research and you have to take one of them. Regardless of your nationality, you can apply here. A selection committee will evaluate your application. Based on their assessment, you will have the scholarship if you are eligible for your postdoctoral research.

Marie Curie International Incoming Fellowships

The students and researchers of the developing nations get priority in this scholarship. They will get sufficient funds to conduct their research and other activities. The European Commission funds the scholarship. There are two types of fellowships available here. The first one is European Fellowship while the second one is Global Fellowship. Based on your research sector, the selection committee will award the fellowship. However, you need to apply accordingly to have the one that suits you most.
The funding of the scholarship covers several aspects. They include your living cost in Germany, travel and other costs. If you have family with you, you are eligible to get costs for them too. Besides, some indirect costs are also included in the program. You can know more about the program in this article here.

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  1. I want to study on electronics engineering . Can you tell how come in Germane after my finishing diploma engineering.

  2. Well, you need to keep an eye on the available options in the universities where Diploma Engineering is offered.
    Thank you.

  3. I have completed Bachalor in Textile Engineering from university of Dhaka, Bangladesh and want to complete my Masters Degree in germany. Plz help

  4. That’s great! Of course, you can pursue your MA in Germany. For that, you need to browse the websites of the universities which provide the MA on your desired subject. Stay with us, and shortly we will have a post about the topic you want to know.
    Thank you.

  5. i am studying Bsc on Mathematics at National university,Bangladesh. now I have completed 2 years of this program. Is this possible for me to get any scholarship for masters program ?

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