Five Best Undergraduate Scholarships for African students in USA

The United States of America (USA) is a leading country that provides undergraduate scholarships for african students and even masters scholarships for african students. The number of full scholarships for african students is on the rise too.

In fact, people love to visit the USA and people of the developing nations are fond of it. So, when you have the option to study in USA, you can explore the options to settle there too with a great career.

Scholarships are options for African students to maximize their educational skills and start a developing career. There are many other benefits of having a scholarship in the USA. It ensures a happy life ahead.  It also ensures you can also have the scopes of improving your nation through the learnings in USA universities.

But before getting into the US for higher studies, you need to know certain facts and figures. The issues are described here gradually.

Things you’ll need

To get scholarships in the USA, you have to get specific documents and skills. They may include –

  • student visa to USA,
  • tuition fees,
  • capacity to bear all the academic expenses,
  • bank solvency,
  • capacity to meet accommodation cost,
  • Recommendation from the institution

But if you can have a full or partial scholarship in the USA, you need not care about the monetary aspects. The stipends that you will get will cover almost all the expenses. You have to apply for the scholarship through a proper channel.

Before the application, you must know some of the best scholarships for African students in the USA. Some of the best scholarships are explained here. Moreover, you can keep visiting this link to know more about scholarships in other countries.


Pullman Scholarship

This is an outstanding scholarship for African students in the USA. The scholarship is on the name of a great engineer George Mortimer Pullman, a US industrialist and engineer. He is also the manufacturer of Pullman sleeping car and did various charitable activities.

Undergraduate scholarships for african students to study abroad is available under this grant. The grant helps the African students who are in need of financial assistance. It also prevents dropping out of the students from the institutions.

But the scholarship is available to those who are exceptionally promising and struggling with their financial conditions. Application process is simple too. At present, an applicant of the scholarship will get USD 10,000 a year while the scholarship will last for four years.


IFT Feeding Tomorrow Scholarships for Students in US

It’s the other full scholarships for african students in the USA. Under the program, the students will some exciting grants and benefits.

IFT is the acronym of Institute of Food Technologist while Feeding Tomorrow is the foundation that provides the grant to the students. The scholarship is available in various level of studies. If you are a freshman, you can apply for the grant. If you are undergraduate, you have the option to apply too. And if you are a post-graduate, this is the best one for you.

Around 70 students get the scholarship annually and the amount of the grant is over USD 100,000. But it would be more suitable for you if you want to improve your career in food science. However, you must have a promising academic background to apply.


NextGen Scholarships for International High School Students in USA

If you are an undergraduate and looking for an undergraduate scholarship in USA, this is the right one. The dream of pursuing higher education in the US will come true now for the African students. The grant is applicable for those who have completed their high school or enrolling to a college.

The scholarship is applicable to a student who will continue the college for two to four-year tenure. The academic qualification is a bit relaxed for this grant. You would be eligible with a minimum CGPA 3.00.

Selection process is simple too. If you have a promising academic career and in need of financial assistance, you will get priority. The amount of the scholarship is USD 1,000.


International Students Academic Merit Scholarship – East Tennessee State University

Undergraduate scholarships for african students in USA is easily available and this is one of those. If you are a new student in the US – pursuing your undergraduate or graduate- you are eligible for the grant.

The scholarship covers about half of all of your academic and other relevant expenses. And it will not cover any other additional costs. But the most impressive factor is that despite being an undergraduate program, anyone can apply for it with a strong academic record.

However, to get the scholarship for a graduate or post-graduate degree, you need to get admission to the university as a full-time student.


MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program at Arizona State University (ASU)

Academically talented students from the African nations can take part in this scholarship program. MasterCard runs the show for the extraordinarily talented students who want to complete their undergraduate degrees.

It supports around 120 students altogether. So, you can be one of them with a smart amount of grants and other facilities.

Besides, you can check the link here to know more about the other scholarships and programs in the USA for the African students.

Now, you have almost all the necessary information. If we miss something, please add the missing piece in the comment section. We will update the article accordingly. And it would be a nice interaction as well.

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