Five best full scholarships in USA

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Undoubtedly, USA is a prime destination for international students. As this is a haven for global people the costs are higher. Despite the increased costs, there is a number of universities that offer full scholarships to international students in usa. In fact, scholarships in usa for international students is available to the meritorious students.

No matter where you are from. You can have the phd scholarship in usa for developing countries as well. But you are to know about the full scholarships for international students in usa.

Considering the grounds, I have prepared a list of five best full scholarships in usa. Going through the post, you can get the necessary information. However, if you want to know more about study in the USA, you can read this post: Study in the USA- top features to know.

Let’s dive into the scholarships.

Full bright scholarship program

The Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs department provides this scholarship. Around 8,000 students, researchers and scholars from around the world receive the grant to pursue their higher studies. Moreover, if you are a Native American, you also have the option of getting a scholarship from this program.

The program is active in over 150 countries of the world. The grants from the program cover a wide number of expenses for the recipients. To know more about the scholarship, you can visit this link.

Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program

If you are a professional and want to raise your skills, you can apply for this program. The US government wants to build a partnership with the citizens of other countries in some selected professions. Thereby, this program is only for professionals of specific clusters. And you need to demonstrate certain qualities and skills before the application.

You must have a Bachelor’s degree, five years of professional experience, skills and command over the English language, leadership capacity, among others.

Once you are selected for the program, you will get tuition fees, living allowance, medical allowance, and other subsidies.

Civil Society Leadership Awards

This is a fully funded Master’s degree scholarship. But to get your award, you are to be a professional committed to social change. Remember, the program is open to only a few countries. And you need to study in subjects like gender Studies, Journalism, Economics, Development Studies, Human Rights, Law, Social Work, Public Policy, among others.

Wesleyan Freeman Asian Scholarship

This is a four-year course full free scholarship at Wesleyan University. If you want to complete your Bachelor’s degree, this is the perfect one. Moreover, it has the option of contribution from the parents. And in that case, a portion is fixed based on the income and other conditions of the parents.

Under this program, the students will receive tuition fees, other academic costs, and more. But you are to show different soft skills like high academic background, curiosity, commitment, and discipline.

Rotary Peace Fellowships

Under this Rotary Peace Fellowships, there are 100 scholarships. Among them, 50 is for a master’s degree and the remaining 50 is for certificate studies. So, if you are planning to obtain a US professional development certificate from any premier universities, this could be a great opportunity.

The grant will cover the tuition fees of the students. It also will bear the costs of field trips, transportation, living costs, among others.


To end the post, now, I think you have ample ideas about the full scholarships for international students in usa. Select the right one and apply it by demonstrating your skills and experience.

We welcome your remarks. Use the comment box below to drop a line for us or any other suggestions and tips related to this issue.

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