Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Architectural Technology at Copenhagen School, Denmark

KEA - Copenhagen School of Design and Technology 3,5 Years
Denmark Full Time
Bachelor of Science Onsite

Learn how to develop and manage construction projects of all sizes. The Bachelor in Architectural Technology and Construction Management program is versatile and opens the door to exciting jobs in the construction industry.

During your studies, you are able to specialize in:

  • design consultancy
  • facilities management
  • construction management

Being a very important driver with a strong impact on the future development and progression of the building industry,  BIM (Building Information Modeling) is an integrated part of the program.

Career Opportunities

The BA in Architectural Technology and Construction Management equips you for a wide range of exciting jobs, primarily in the construction sector – for example in engineering, construction, and architecture companies, but also in organizations affiliated with the sector – such as federal and local government departments, housing and management companies, insurance companies, banks and credit institutions, and technological institutes.

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Course Details:

Bachelor in Architectural Technology and Construction Management are the professionals, who are able to participate in and coordinate the building process at all levels from concept to completion in the broadest sense. This includes new buildings as well as the renovation. You will coordinate and manage the many technical and administrative phases of the construction process. The study program will teach you how to plan, design, and coordinate construction projects, and you will combine practical experience with theoretical knowledge on a daily basis.

Enrollment Requirements:

You meet the entry requirements if you have an upper secondary school leaving certificate equivalent to the Danish, such as ‘gymnasium’, HF, HHX and HTX.

The Mathematics C-level is represented by 125 hours during the last three years of upper-secondary school (equivalent to the Danish C-level of a Danish upper-secondary examination).

Teaching Language:


Costs/Tuition Fees:

6,100 EURO

Level/Field(s) of Study:


Degree Level:


About the University/Institution:

KEA – Copenhagen School of Design and Technology (Danish: Københavns Erhvervsakademi, usually referred to as KEA), is a school of higher education in Copenhagen, Denmark. The academy is an independent self-owning institution subordinated to the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education. Degree programs offered are mainly applied degrees, especially in design, technology, and IT. The academy grants undergraduate and Professional degrees and has no graduate school. In addition to full-time studies, the academy offers supplemental education, part-time programs at bachelor’s level, and short-term courses for people who need to strengthen their qualifications. With 4,717 full-time students and 3,907 part-time students and about 350 employees as of 2015, the academy is one of the largest business academies in Denmark.

Application Deadline:

Winter 2021 | EU/EEA/Swiss citizens

  • Application date: Dec 15
  • Start date: Feb 01

Winter 2021 | non-EU/EEA/CH citizens

  • Application date: Oct 15
  • Start date: Feb 01

Summer 2020

  • Application date: Oct 15
  • Start date: Feb 01

Apply/Website Link:

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