Best five college scholarships for undergrad students

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Options for scholarships of college students are limited. Most of the scholarships are for pursuing higher education. But don’t lose hope. There are college scholarships available too.

If you are a college student, and want to avail a scholarship which will help to pay tuition fees at least, you can have it. Besides, they can also improve their everyday academic studies.

So, this is an important aspect to know about the scholarships. If you are a college student and need college scholarships, you must read this article. Besides, you can also check some other necessary articles here.

We have compiled the best five college scholarships and you can apply accordingly. Besides, the explanations will also inspire college students to win scholarships. By clicking here, you can know about how to apply for a scholarship or the latest updates.

So, let’s start exploring college scholarships and apply that fits you.


Penny For A Free Ride Sweepstakes

This particular scholarship is suitable for college students. You need to be at least 15 and maximum to 21 in age to apply for it. The selection process is simple and attractive. You have to submit a photo of a tire test and with a hash tag (#)pennyforafreeride and @MichelinUSA.

The selection committee will consider your photo and accordingly judge your skills. Based on the selection committee decision, you may win the scholarship. And this is not a big deal to get a photo – which we usually take randomly. You just need to be selective.

The award amount is USD 100,000.


Final Fantasy Fan Scholarship

Do you love gaming? The key condition to get this scholarship is to be a game lover. The Final Fantasy Fan Scholarship is a college scholarship for students loving this Final Fantasy game.

The selection process is wonderful too. Generally, authorities ask to attend different written and oral tests. But in this case, you will experience something different. You are to write an essay.

The essay should be short, in five paragraphs explaining the game.

The award for the scholarship is USD 1,000.


Gucci Changemakers Scholarship Program

If you are a high-schooler or college-goer and need a scholarship, you can apply for it. Students of areas of Gucci Changmakers cities will get priority for the grant. This is an outstanding grant that will provide USD 20,000 to the winner.

Gucci North America is providing the scholarship for the college students.

The scholarship aims to provide assistance to the students who want to pursue their higher education in fashion.


Earnest Scholarship

If you are a college freshman and need to pay your tuition fees, this is the right scholarship for you. This is a lengthy scholarship and you can get the grant for the next five years.

The reward amount is USD 5,000 which is sufficient for a college student to maintain expenses. At the same time, you can spend the dollars to meet all other needs during the study.

Remember, this is a scholarship for the students who are regular. If you are a part-timer, this is the not applicable for you. Selection process is conventional. You are to write an essay around 1000 words.

The selection committee will set the theme for the essay. You can find more here.


Providian Medical Scholarship

Providian Medical Scholarship is for those who are hard worker. Usually, students in the college are not that much serious. So, the authorities of this scholarship have decided to enroll only the students with higher merits.

The award of the scholarship is USD 500. To get the scholarship, you have to fill several criteria. First of all, this is for the US students, and the CGPA should be 3.00 minimum.

Without a very good academic score, this is not possible to appear in the test. You have to show your academic scores and relevant documents. Besides, to be selected, you are to write an essay around 1500 words on any particular topic.

Hope, the information above will support you in finding your college scholarship. To know more about the international scholarship, IELTS, or any other academic information, keep an eye on this site.

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