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SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences 7 Semesters
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Bachelor of Arts in Audio Design Online

The Bachelor’s program Audio Design at hdpk in Berlin enables students to create immersive sound worlds, 3D sound scenarios and compositions for time-based and interactive media such as films, radio plays, and games as well as sound logos for innovative brands (sound branding). Students conceptualize and program software- and hardware-based musical instruments and create audiovisual installations. The audio designer’s instrument is his or her computer.

In the course of their studies, students get to know the basics of sound design, sound engineering, and music. In the first four semesters, they gain aesthetic, compositional, sound design, sound engineering and music technology skills. From the sixth semester onwards, students develop these skills further and specialize by choosing projects from the areas of music technology and art, and music production as well as sound design and composition. Artistic individuality, individual support and practical implementation of what has been learned are key elements of the BA Audio Design program.

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Course Details:

n the first semester, students dive into the world of audio design. They get to know the basic techniques of audio engineering and microphone and recording techniques. In addition, students deal with the physical basis of acoustics and are introduced to common DAW systems (Logic, Pro Tools, Ableton Live). By carrying out practical projects, they deal with the dramaturgical, compositional and technical implementation as well as the effect of their own works and learn the basics of sound design. After the first semester, students will also have an understanding of the history of popular music. Students also receive instrumental lessons in piano in order to be able to use the instrument in their daily work, and they continue these lessons in the second semester.

In the second semester, students learn more about music theory and can use their knowledge of sound design and composition for their practical projects. In the Sound Studies module, students analyze concepts and works of sound design and are also given an introduction to scientific work. They also learn the basics of digital signal processing and will be able to apply this knowledge in practice by using sound synthesis techniques. In the second semester, students also carry out an interdisciplinary practical project.

In the third semester, students develop their own compositions and analyze current works. They deal with the basics of music production and get to know the everyday studio life of an audio designer. Students also design software-based musical instruments and interfaces. The Media Law module also teaches copyright law, trademark law and licensing.

Enrollment Requirements:

University entrance qualification
Our admission procedure is two-tiered: a first pre-selection is done based on the application documents and the artistic work samples.

The following documents will need to be submitted:

  1. Letter of motivation stating: Why are you interested in studying at the hdpk? What are your expectations? What are your professional perspectives? (two pages maximum).
  2. Personal data sheet, together with passport photo, place, date, signature
  3. School leaving certificate: notarised copy, may be handed in later
  4. In case you have previously studied at another university, please provide de-registration certificate (may also be handed in later)
  5. Samples of your work: three one-minute MP3s of your own artistic work

Applications need to be uploaded in our online application portal.

Entrance examination
Following your successful pre-selection screening, you will be invited to the hdpk for a practical examination. This will allow us to assess your program-specific knowledge, your creativity, your commitment to express yourself creatively and your motivation.

Teaching Language:


Costs/Tuition Fees:

4,320 Euro

Language Requirements:

Students applying from abroad are requested to provide proof of adequate written and verbal English language skills (level B2 minimum).

About the University/Institution:

Officially accredited by the German government, the SRH Hochschule der populären Künste (hdpk) offers expertise and engaging perspectives to respond to the diverse human resource needs of the creative industries.

Its BA and MA programs unite theory and practice providing academic training by today’s experts to prepare tomorrow’s professionals for future careers.

Small groups and professors with strong backgrounds in their fields as well as state-of-the-art equipment in sound studios, photographic studios, and various digital workspaces provide students with a truly professional work environment.

With almost 600 students from about 20 nations (as of May 2016), 24 professors, and approx. 55 lecturers as well as six Bachelor’s programs, two Master’s programs, and two SRH sister universities in Berlin (together representing 2,000 students and 28 programs), hdpk is one of the very successful private universities in Germany. It is also part of the SRH group that comprises 12,000 students and 10 universities.

Application Deadline:

For non-EU applicants:

  1. 15 November / for EU applicants: 15 January
  2. (Applications for vacant places are possible up until the beginning of the respective semester.)

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