10 Interesting Study Facts about France

Facts about France

France is one of the oldest nation-states in the world. This region is in Western Europe which is ample in science, technology, education, and culture. Students from different parts of the world are keen to pursue higher education in France due to ameliorated living conditions, a strong economy, as well as an amazing education environment. The standard of education in France is very high and its degree internationally recognized. Many universities in France are ahead in the world rankings too. Therefore, every year a lot of international students go to study in France. Moreover, after completing a degree there are a plethora of opportunities for students to build a global career. Likewise these facts there are many other interesting study facts about France. Today’s article is all about it. Let us have a look.

1. Birthplace of Culture

France is called the birthplace of culture. The French boast of their cultural history. The reason is conspicuous. The history of this country is the richest all across the world. French culture is worldwide renowned. French culture has played a significant role in the development and spread of art, literature, science, anthropology, philosophy, and sociology. Paris has been the center of cultural life in the West since the Middle Ages. If all the poets, writers, and artists of the world are asked which country they would like to travel to first, their straight answer will be France. Many poets and writers have written uncountable literary works regarding Paris. Further, the French have not only contributed to the arts and culture. They also invented taxis, antibiotics, and the metric system.

2. Lots of Variety Academic Institutions

In France, students can look into various options like public-funded, Grand-Ecole, Schools of Specialization, and Business Schools. France is home to an impressive 3,500 educational institutions for higher studies. That means the choice of schools, programs, and locations is almost unlimited for students. Global students take advantage of this. They can choose their university according to their comfort. No matter which institution they choose, they surely love every minute of their student life while staying in France. They do not need to spend a dull day for sure. In addition, there are plenty of chances to use student status for free or discounted entrance into some of the world’s most famous tourist attractions.

3. Pathway to Many Other Countries

France borders have six separate countries. With so many international neighbors, students will not only get to explore France but also many other European countries, like Germany and Spain. Besides, France’s transportation system is affordable, efficient, and extensive. Therefore, whether by plane, train, or automobile, any student can travel the world, on a reasonable budget.

4. Schools in France are Free of Religious Influence

Religious symbols of any kind banned in French schools. Since 1905 the French government has been officially secular. The wearing of religious markers such as jewelry or headscarves is therefore illegal in schools as well as is the subject of constant controversy.

5. Everything in France is Scored out of 20

Meanwhile, grades in the US scored out of 100%, with 93% being the lowest acceptable rate for any high-achiever. In France, grades scored out of 20. On the other hand,  it’s nearly impossible to get a perfect score because most of the teachers would never give over 17. However, 10 is a pass mark and 12 is considered a good mark.

6. One of the Most Student Friendly Countries

When it comes to studying abroad, the first thing to consider is how student-friendly the country is. There is no second thought when the country is France. The reason is French government strives hard to make the study, stay, health, and post-stay options for international students as easy as possible. Besides, France is the 4th popular destination for international students. 8 out of 10 international students recommend France as a study destination. Moreover, outstanding research and development opportunities are there in many universities in France. As a result, young talented students have an enriching opportunity to be valued in the innovation and entrepreneurship sectors.

7. Chane to Get Waiver Based on GRE/ IELTS Good Score

Coming to the selection process, students find it challenging while the criteria of scoring in IELTS/GRE for a country or an institution is set high. Not all students satisfy the criteria to reach their dream destination. Most French institutions provide a waiver based on, GRE or GMAT scores and other English language proficiency tests. This is one of the top reasons why students put France at top of their list while studying abroad.

8.Financial Benefits for International Students

Tuition fees in France considered being one of the lowest when compared to other countries. When choosing a public institution, needless to say, that you either have nil or very nominal fees to be paid. When choosing other private or partially funded institutions, the fees would again be in a range that is comparatively lesser than any similar institution or course offered across Europe. No matter which institution you choose you always have various scholarship options provided directly by the Institution or the French government.

9. Housing Allowance to international students

One of the major costs involved apart from the tuition fees for an international student would be the accommodation. The French government has stepped in and has provided one of the attractive housing allowance benefits for any student holding a valid resident permit. Though the amount varies based on the place students choose to stay, they would be eligible to receive up to 40% of your housing cost.

10. Paid Internships

Most institutions either directly or indirectly encourage their students to take up an internship. An internship is something that a student should start considering at the time when he has received an offer from the institution. Professors and placement staff from the institution would also assist the students to land an internship. The good thing is, in the most internships students get payment.

Last Words

Undoubtedly, France is an appealing destination for students worldwide. Thanks to its rich culture, gastronomy, architecture, and thriving student life. Studying in France gives you the opportunity to learn French as well. Studying in another country can enhance the value of your degree as it demonstrates to potential employers that you have stepped out of your comfort zone, and are able to adapt to new environments and cultures. This is why France is one of the optimum options in all manners. I hope, you like going through this content. If so, do not forget to share with your friends too. To get more informative and educative articles like this stay tuned to this site. Happy reading.

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