Universities in Slovakia: Inquire the Latest Top 5

Universities in Slovakia

Slovakia is one of the developed countries in Europe. The region is a landlocked republic in Central Europe. After completing a degree in this state, there is an opportunity to live permanently here. Moreover, the quality of education in this country is also remarkably commendable. Slovakia has three types of educational institutions. Public Higher Educational Institutions, State Higher Educational Institutions, and Private Higher Educational Institutions. Since there is a range of renowned universities in Slovakia, a plethora of global students wish to pursue higher education here. This article is going to illustrate the present top 5 universities in Slovakia. Have a look.


Constantine the Philosopher University

Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra was established in 1959. This university is famous for properly fulfilling its mission which is to provide university education, promote creative scientific research, and encourage artistic activities. The university has about 7029 students currently. In addition, this university has 5 faculties. The updated last world rank position of this university is 2199.


The University of Economics in Bratislava

The University of Economics in Bratislava initiated its academic journey in 1940. This university is famous because of its most important educational and scientific research institutions in the Slovak Republic. At present, the total number of students is approximately 11,583. This university has 61 study programs at three levels of study from seven faculties. Furthermore, this university is 2161 in the world ranking right now.


The Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava

The Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava embarked on its journey in 1937. It is a modern research and higher education institution. It continues a legacy of the 250-year-old Mining Academy in Banská Štiavnica, where the foundations of vocational and practical learning were established. This university has more than 16000 students presently. The university consists of seven faculties. Further, The Slovak University of Technology is ranked 801 in QS World University Rankings 2021.


Košice Medical University

The foundation year of Košice Medical University is 1948. Faculty of Medicine provides doctoral studies in the study programs of General medicine and Dental Medicine, as well as undergraduate and graduate studies in the study programs of nursing, physiotherapy, and public health and doctoral studies. The medical university currently has more than 7800 students and 300 teachers. Moreover, it has 13 institutes, 2 clinical institutes, 39 clinics, and 2 scientific and experimental research departments. Nowadays, this university’s ranking is 651 worldwide.


Comenius University

Comenius University in Bratislava is the largest university in Slovakia which was established on June 27, 1919. The university is well known for its research and has a high number of doctoral students. This university has a huge quantity of student figures which is about 21,954. In addition, Comenius University in Bratislava has 13 faculties. Further, the university has currently achieved a 607 rank position in the world and the national ranking is number 1. To know more about the best university in Slovakia, visit their official website.

Is education free in Slovakia for all?

Primary and secondary education is free to all Slovaks. Universities are also free of charge, but students who fail to graduate within the expected length of time must pay for some courses.

How much does it cost to study in slovakia?

Slovakia provides higher education for its students at no charge. Costs for higher education in Slovakia for international students can range from 2,000 to 8,000 USD per year.

Is Slovakia good for international students?

Certainly. Not only study, but international students also love the country’s natural scenery, friendly people, history, culture, and traditions.

How are the chances of getting a scholarship in Slovakia?

Quite good. Slovakia offers some promising scholarship opportunities to get affordable quality education at their universities and colleges. As a result, international students get attracted to different levels of study, from all over the globe.


To recapitulate, above mentioned universities are the most acclaimed educational institutions in Europe. So, you can apply to one of them and hopefully, this article will help you to get a comprehensive idea about the best universities in Slovakia. If you found this article prolific enough for higher studies abroad, please share it with your friends and relatives so that they can also receive useful information. However, if you want to know such important information on a daily basis, then wander this site actively. Happy reading.

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