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Moscow University in Russia

Getting a Russian visa is not a big deal. If you are a student and want to study in Russia, you will need the visa. Many of the students and individuals are unaware of the entire process. So, it becomes tough for them to apply and get the vfs Russia. Knowing the inner aspects will help you get inside the process. As a result, your visa application process would be easier and effortless. The entire process is simple and explained here for your convenience.


Anyone from the international community can study in Russia. There are no bars on the process.  But this is a must that you need to be eligible. First of all, you have to complete your high school or college to get an admission at any Russian university or college. Unless you cross the barrier, you cannot apply for the student visa in Russia. Try this link to know more.


Besides, you need to enroll yourself at any Russian academic institution. There are a wide number of academic institutions available in the country. So, you can get admission to any of the institutions that fits you most. If you are not a student or at least enrolled, you cannot expect that you will get the vfs Russia. So, this is a must to apply at any Russian academic institution to apply for the visa at Russian embassy.

Apply for the Visa

In this stage, you need to apply for the visa. Contact any Russian embassy for this purpose. Besides, you can also apply online. The best way is to apply using electronic modes. It helps to prevent untoward mistakes. So, you have to apply for the visa to the Russian authority. The initial visa is extendable and comes with an extension period of one year.

The process

The visa application process is simple. It can be separated into several stages. The steps are noted down.

The invitation letter

Before you plan to study in Russia, you are to collect the invitation letter. The invitation letter should be sent from the Russian institution. In a nutshell, the applicant has to get an invitation letter from the Russian university or college about the admission. The ministry of foreign affairs is responsible for the issuance. They should invite the applicant to study in the country. And you know what – you are to submit the invitation letter to Russian embassy.

Apply to get student visa in Russia

Now, you need to apply for the Russian visa. Make sure you fill in the form in the right manner. The best idea is to go through the form in the beginning. And then you should start filling it in. When you will look at the form, you can know about the filling procedures. Most of the candidates make a rush and so, they cannot secure the visa. Thereby, you must check the form, and fill it in with sincerity. Attach the necessary documents with the visa application form. Sign the copies rightly and submit.

Visa Registration

This is the final stage. Once you get the visa, you need to register it. You can do it after reaching Russia. But the authority will not entertain any delay in the process. You have to do it within a week after your arrival in the country. The educational institute also provides necessary support to ensure the visa registration.

This is the complete procedure in short to get vfs Russia. But if you want to know about applying for other countries as well, keep visiting this link.

However, there are certain other points to focus to have the student visa in Russia. They are also explained here to provide a comprehensive idea to the applicants.


The documents will refer to all sorts of academic certificates, invitation letter from the university in Russia, your valid passport, recent photos and others. The ministry of foreign affairs will take care of the documents. They will verify the documents in appropriate ways. So, there should be no misinformation on the documents. If there are any such issues found, you will lose your candidature.

Besides, you also need to submit your proof of financial stability. Regardless of your selection as a student with scholarship, you are to provide the documents.

Health check-up

At the same time, you have to provide a report on your overall health check-up. Ensure the HIV test and it should be negative. The test should be done within past three months after you apply for the Russian visa.

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